Islamic Jihad’s Most Effective Weapons

Recently I published a pair of articles proposing in the first a series of severe legislative measures to curtail, if not eliminate, the carnage of jihad inflicted upon innocent people in all walks of life, and suggesting in the second that Islam, unlike Christianity, Judaism, and other faiths, should not be entitled to the protection of the First Amendment. In the sequel, I received a couple of messages accusing me of promoting a “final solution.” One from a former colleague read: Bravo. Your final solution is so simple and elegant. Another from a friend read, in part: Implicit in all your articles is that Islam…should or be made to disappear. The case against Islam taken to its extreme begins to sound very close to a “final solution.” Do we want or should we want to go there? 

My former colleague appears never to have read the Islamic scriptures and ancillary texts and obviously has little knowledge of Islamic history. My friend is considerably more erudite but seems, nonetheless, to believe that direct and aggressive confrontation is not the proper route to take. To imply that I, a Jew, am advocating a “final solution,” an Endlösung, is at the very least rather tactless. It is also, as I hope to show, the height of folly. What I said in my articles is that the terror apparatus needs to be dismantled without delay or equivocation, and that we have to go to the source of the violence, Islam itself. I was not advocating killing anyone, or rounding Muslims up in cattle cars and shipping them off to concentration camps, or burning  ghettoes and no-go zones to the ground.

  • Martin B

    Burning no-go zones to the ground sounds pretty good to me…

  • Son of Ernst

    Saying Islam is not a religion is like saying that Nazism isn’t a religion – you bigots!

  • Hard Little Machine

    My solution would be far more elegant.

    Imposition of Koranic law on all Muslims everywhere. Take no prisoners, accept no surrender. We can sort of live in an anxious peace but if they get out of line destroy them with a fury so jaw-dropping their descendants cry about it for 2,000 years.

    It was a Muslim, Tamerlane, who decreed that Babylon shall be destroyed until there is ‘no stone atop another’.

    Those are THEIR rules and I am perfectly fine with accepting them