Globalism Is A Barbaric Relic – Voluntary Tribalism Is The Future

I have been writing rather extensively about the ideology of globalism in recent months, primarily because the battle lines between sovereignty and global centralization have never been more defined than they are in 2016. In the past, globalists have often hidden the true motives of their cult; namely the goal of erasing national borders and all remaining vestiges of self governance. Normally, they would only pronounce the great advantages of globalization while dancing around the fact that millions of people will not accept it. Today, however, the globalists have come out in direct confrontation with supporters of sovereignty.

  • tom_billesley

    Bring back Chauvenism!

  • I think the writer makes a good anti-Globalism argument, but he carries the “tribalism” idea too far (e.g. “tribes within tribes”). He may be forgetting that’s not what normally happens under dictatorships — people don’t divide and sub-divide further into smaller groups. They tend to unite and tolerate group differences more because they have a common enemy — the dictatorship. Different groups often work together to subvert and they learn how to function clandestinely under a dictatorship.

    • UCSPanther

      A good real-life example: The overthrow of General Siad Barre in Somaliia after years of increasing rebellion and violent repression.

  • Jessiemac

    Multiculturalism is social suicide. Anyone who has studied human social interactions knows this to be true.