French politicians spar ahead of administrative court ruling on burkini

France’s highest administrative court is expected to issue a ruling Friday afternoon on the legality of banning burkinis. The government supports the ban but two dissenting voices spoke out on Thursday.

  • Gary

    Muslim men are using these women to provoke a response by non-muslims as to use it to justify another terrorism slaughter as an oppressed group.
    It may also be used to aid in the women drowning to play the Victim angle from islamophobia which would cause riots ( sorry, MORE riots ) and Car-B-Q’s for several nights.

    Our idiots in charge don’t know that muslim women can redeem them self from sin under Sharia by being a martyr to please allah. Justin and Wynne think that all women on Earth are the same and care about all life including their children. But islam is unique because the quran has verses that teach its followers how to cleanse them self on earth and please allah by doing jihad to die while killing unbelievers. Their children are told that when they reach 14 they must wage jihad for allahs cause to fight for the global caliphate which may include being a martyr.

    Omar Khadr knew exactly what he was doing when he turned 14 and went down the road to building IED’s and vowing to kill infidels for allah.
    The dolts at the STAR and CBC have yet to read a quran because to them…..if an Imam says islam means peace, that’s good enough for them . These were the people in the 19th century USA that bought the snake-oil while was a Cure-All for all mankind ……don’t bother to read the label to see what’s inside, just drink it up folks and ” Trust Me ” .

    • ismiselemeas

      Where is OK these days?

  • mobuyus

    No boners on a burkini beach.

  • Brenda

    Wouldn’t you know it, a French court has overturned the burking ban.I think the whole burkini ban was just a charade so that politicians could get the credit for doing something about Islamization while knowing the court would overturn them in the end.

    Bottom line: nothing is being done about Islamization.

  • pdxnag

    Boot, boot, boot the Islamic supremacists out.