Bats, pipes & hotheads: Finns clash with migrants in massive fight

A massive fight ensued between Finnish citizens and migrants in the town of Forssa, located in southern part of the country. A total of around 100 people armed with bats and pipes were involved in the clashes in front of a local migrant center.

Finns reportedly attacked the migrants first on Tuesday evening, according to media reports. The latest clashes come amid a growing number of fights between the locals and the migrants over a new migrant center that was built in Forssa.

Witnesses described a large group of locals gathering by the migration center. The group began to fight the migrants, who are living in the center, Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE reported.

Both groups used weapons such as bats and pipes, police said. A total of five people were reportedly injured and two of the participants were detained, according to the YLE.

Police are encouraging more people involved in the fight to come forward.

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  • Jabberwokk

    Batmen. called it.

  • The Butterfly

    Well it’s about time somebody stood up for themselves.

  • ismiselemeas

    Finland has the highest level of gun ownership in private hands in the world. They also have the highest level of suicide by guns as a result but I digress. The Finns are armed in case the Russians invade. They really, really don’t like invaders.