Why There Can Be No “Demilitarized” Palestinian State

The Palestinian Authority (PA), now officially a Nonmember Observer State to the United Nations General Assembly, will likely seek next month a Security Council resolution favoring full Palestinian sovereignty, probably as part of a cooperative Security Council initiative with France. Following such an initiative, the current U.S. president, or the next U.S. president could then be moved to accept the PA position on the grounds of some prior Palestinian “demilitarization.” Unfortunately, any such acceptance would be without any legal or practical value; therefore no state of Palestine should ever be approved because of any apparent promise of demilitarization.

Whoever wins the November election, the next U.S. president will have to deal with the continuing issue of Palestinian statehood.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The coming October municipal elections in the West Bank may render this analysis moot, as Fatah will be squaring off against Hamas and one or the other will not be happy with the results. When such dissatisfaction comes to the fore, the martyrs brigades start martyring each other.

    • Rasputins rosary

      I’m for anything that results in dead Muslims. Make Gaza and West bank into states for real then the first rocket is met with utter destruction.