Trudeau Rewards His Friends

Liberal voters want this:

It’s no secret that Unifor had a hand in getting Trudeau elected. We know they spent at least $300,000 during the election and were also one of the main backers of Engage Canada, the U.S. style Super Pac that ran attack ads against the Conservatives, possibly spending upwards of $1M.

And Trudeau’s not really hiding his appreciation essentially admitting upfront that he was paying them back for the help they gave him to get elected.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Canada is dead.
    I want to be an American.

    • Don’t give up on Canada yet.

      Sooner or later Trudeau will do something hella-stupid that not even his backers can ignore.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        He’s just a panellist on the View.
        BillyHW is convincing me more and more every day.
        I married a woman.
        I have a daughter.
        I’ve told my son that he’s got the hardest path.
        My daughter thinks she’s my favourite.
        I’ve let her think that.
        But, my son is.
        Because he’s got the hardest row to hoe.
        And it’s why I bust his balls when he does something stupid.
        He doesn’t know it, yet.
        Probably hates my guts sometimes.
        One day, I know he will understand.
        I’m his father.
        I’m his father.

        • People act differently with their kids but one still hopes they turn out alright.