Study Debunks Progressives’ ‘Lone Wolf’ Jihadi Myth

lone wolf terroristOne of the more prominent and highly flawed left-wing narratives concerning the recent spate of terror attacks is that of the “lone wolf.” Liberal logic states that when an individual carries out an attack seemingly without the direct assistance of a large terror cell then that individual was acting alone and was motivated by personal reasons rather than by jihad. Instead, they say, the attacker was just lashing out as a result of mental illness or being socially marginalized.

As usual, the Left is wrong. For one, Islamic doctrine concerning jihad mandates a very specific place and role for “Lone Jihad.” The concept of individuals assuming that sacred role is not new to Islam or terrorists, and it is encouraged by the likes of ISIS, al Qaeda and other terror groups routinely. In fact “Lone Jihad” was even featured in the Spring, 2016 edition of al Qaeda’s terrorist-magazine, Inspire.