So I’m back…

A long day at the hospital.

Sainted Irish Mum had a stent put in.

We were in at 10 AM but the hospital schedule is by necessity fluid so she was not in fact wheeled in until 3:30 PM.

Out again shortly before 5 protocol dictated that she remain under observation until 9 PM.

After dropping off some new scrips we finally made it home near 10:30 PM.

The “easy” angioplasty gave the Docs an opportunity for a close look at a major blockage that will remain untreated pending how she does with the new stent.

The risk of an “event” is just too great for what may be a negligible return.

Man I have been doing this a long time it seems, back in 2009 it lead to this incident – TGH – Toronto Generally Hopeless.

That piece ended up in the NatPo and the hospital actually did call and apologize.

How the years fly, I am grateful I am still called upon to see her through days like this.

Please thank Nightmouse, DB Cooper, Osumashi, Black Mamba, Frau and Denyse for keeping it all together for us.


  • As long as she is well.

    Strength and so forth.

  • Martin B

    Days like this remind us of what matters. Hope you and Mum hang in there for a while yet.

  • andycanuck

    Good luck to your mom and both of you handling it.

    Is Toronto General a heart specialty site?

    And thank you to the co-bloggers for their efforts.

  • Roland

    My best wishes for a total recovery!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Since I have two stents, I know the routine. The first one cleared the worst blockage and the second one came a month later after my doctor knew that the first was a success. Both times I was kept overnight and through the next day wearing a 24-hour heart monitor. At least at Long Island Jewish Hospital, they serve good meals (such as chipotle-crusted tilapia), and they hand out daily menus for patients.

  • Jay Currie

    And we’ll add your sainted Irish mother to the Prayers of the People at our wee working class church this Sunday…email me her name.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Bless your mother for raising such great and caring sons.
    Today was a 12-hour school day for me, away from a reliable IP address but I hope to figure out a way to contribute more soon.

  • Bregh

    Prayers and well-wishes for your mum, and many sincere thanks to you and everyone who keeps this place going.

  • Dana Garcia

    Best wishes to mom. Maturity has its burdens.

  • David Murrell

    Cat, I hope your mom pulls through ok.