ISIS hackers publish step-by-step guide of how to poison Westerners

AN ISLAMIC State-supported group of hackers has used an encrypted app to encourage Daesh followers to carry out attacks on Westerners using poisons.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Did their manual include eating at the Burger King on Confederation Drive in Saskatoon?

    • Exile1981

      or the Mcdonalds in brooks? They have had a rash of health violations so far this year there.

  • Gary

    This is not new because it was about 10 years ago I had read a news story that a muslim working at a food Chain that had a bakery section was using him position as a baker to sprinkle poison onto the pastry and cakes is a small amount to not be detected right away.
    His ” #myJihad ” as a muslim was to kill the unbelievers slowly as to not have a spike in sick people from one area that the Police could trace to a common factor for shopping at the same store and buying bakery items.
    Another muslim ran a grocery store where he bought Expired baby food at a recycling Auction where people buy the value for the Glass jars and metal lids. But his oh so moral and loyal family in the USA had a way to put on new paper labels with a Best Before date in the future to look fresh where they put the tainted expired baby food back on the shelf to sell.
    This model family for Western muslims were in an non-muslim area and knew that almost all the babies getting expired food would be those filthy infidels.