France: The Religious War Few Wish to Face

“…For decades, those warning of the inevitable consequences of mass Muslim immigration, during a time in history when Islamic fundamentalist doctrine was on the rise worldwide, have been maligned, prosecuted, imprisoned or assassinated.

With the security infrastructure now proving inadequate to cope with the sheer scale ofenthusiasm for religious war amongst those Islamists born in France, and those able to enter the country — thanks to the open border policies of the EU — the threat continues to increase day by day.

  • Dana Garcia

    Nobody’s coming to the rescue this time, Frenchies.

    • Maggat

      Far to many English speaking lives expended in the last century saving the French’s collective asses. Never again.

  • The Butterfly

    It didn’t need to be faced. None of this was necessary. If only they’d had a sensible immigration policy.

  • Editor

    When your government publishes a list of 718 “Sensitive Urban Zones”, no-go muslim areas, in mainland France, I’d say yes, you are confronted to a problem “few wish to face”. Although I’m not sure if continued denial is the safest course of action.

    As much as I lament the situation for the poor old Mémé who can’t even go to market in safety anymore, I can’t help but think this is a self-inflicted wound.

  • Alain

    I strongly disagree that it is a religious war. It is a war between totalitarianism and freedom; really the same as between communism and freedom.

    • Editor

      Communism is a secular political ideology. Is islam not both a religious and political ideology? Or do you see the rise islam as just an excuse for the euro elite to bring in totalitarian control of the population.

      • Alain

        I actually find that Islam and Communism are two peas from the same pod, the difference being Islam paints itself as a religion. Islam is also doing what it always has, except when it was kept under control by an iron fist, be it some dictator or in the West the refusal to surrender to it. So what is perceived as the rise of Islam is a total lack of will in the West to deal with it. In fact due to Western governments allowing and even encouraging mass importation of Muslims along with caving in to Muslim demands has emboldened the Muslim world to believe Islam can conquer all. The globalists use this loss of social stability (which they themselves created) to implement totalitarian control of the population. We see examples all over the place from censorship of dissenting opinions to outright demands to end free speech. This is my take on what we are experiencing, and I fear that freedom is losing the battle.

        • Editor

          Thanks for the answer. I get your point. Open borders does seem like a covert plan, disguised as generosity, to destabilize western societies and give our governments an excuse to curtail our rights and freedoms. Britain already has over 5.9 million surveillance cameras and the social networking companies seem really keen to join in the surveillance efforts. Owning a gun is becoming more and more difficult. Political parties and pressure groups are being put on watch lists left and right. You think our current leaders as smart enough to pull it off. And that they’ll be able to control their muslim henchmen once their job is done.

          • Alain

            I think our current leaders are foolhardy enough to believe they can control the Muslim hordes once they have subdued the rest of us, and I think they will be in for an unpleasant surprise.

          • Will Quest

            Where communism, marxism , fascism failed the crazy radical ‘progs.’ truly believe islamism will give them the new world order of absolute totalitarianism, & the death to capitalism & democracy , they drool about…….. After all Islam as been successfully submitting { mind/body/soul } vast swaths of humanity for millennia .
            These same h8ters of all things western seek redemption by rendering Islam & its pernicious sharia sacrosanct , beyond criticism……. such criticism would be blasphemous. With fervent hope they count on Islamism to finally accomplish what communism, socialism, fascism, all totalitarian regimes haven’t been able to , submit vast swatches of humanity to an unforgiving ideology and eliminate democracy.