France: Muslim VIOLENTLY BEATS 11 elderly victims, throws them in the water screaming “ALLAHU AKBAR,” Media BLACK-OUT

muslims welcome

Because the Islamic attacks are coming so fast and so frequent,  the mental illness narrative sounds, well, nuts. So now we have a media black-out on the escalation of the acts of jihad. And it’s daily. Silence is sanction. Prepare yourself for what’s coming.

  • How stupid does the popular press think people are? Twitter, blogs, ect spread this sort of thing a lot of faster and with more accuracy than they ever could.

  • John Boy

    None of this would be happening if only there was peace in the Middle East and your donation can help towards that goal!

    • Ottawa Eyes

      Is that star an upside-down cross?

  • Jay Currie

    Wow, what a hero!

    Do you get virgins for this sort of thing or just raisins?

    • Editor

      Well, for starters, you get an almost airtight media blackout and the instant cover story of “sans domicile fixe” (homeless) and “hospitalisé en psychiatrie” (in psychiatric care). So there you go, nothing to do with islam. Just a crazy homeless guy. Move along, nothing to see here.

      The repeated screams of “allahh ackbar”? Nah, don’t worry about that. mohammedan Tourette’s. Quite common actually.

  • tom_billesley

    Nice-Matin update
    He’s the worst kind of mahometan – a convert.
    He heard voices – just like his best buddy Mohammed.
    He came from Bastia in Corsica, but is originally from Bethune in Pas-de-Calais.

    He followed a group of elderly people onto a catamaran in the marina then punched and kicked them as he threw them into the water. He proceeded to hit them with a gaff. A security guard who responded received a head injury and a broken rib. The attacker was overpowered by firemen and police.

    ” His puzzling personality reflects a certain danger ,” said the public prosecutor.

    According to Cannes police, the complainant initially claimed that ” voices ” had led him to this act of violence, stating at the hearing: ” I had the impression of having heard a voice saying “We must go on the catamaran.” ”

    Converted to Islam in May 2015, he stated that this religion has brought him ” all positive ” and ” urges him to reach out to others .” In his bag were found two Korans – one French, the other in Arabic – and a book called Arabic for Dummies .

    The terrorism prosecutor was not seized of this matter, which resembles the shot of a man drifting madness, unstable psychologically. He appeared calm, lucid and courteous in the box. But witnesses at the scene suggested a lunatic behavior.