Coddling would-be jihadists doesn’t work

It’s a scary thought that had it not been for an FBI tip, Aaron Driver, a Canadian convert to Islam, could have pulled off a major terrorist attack at a public venue in London, Ontario, or even Toronto.

This, despite the fact Driver was under the noses of Canada’s security and spy agencies. Fortunately, the ISIS-inspired lone wolf was shot dead before he could do any damage.

  • simus1

    Simple answer.
    This type of mental misfit should be sent to a Canadian version of Siberia until they demonstrate they have their shit together. Such endlessly repeatable, simple, cheap, aversion therapy can work wonders once the underbrush is cleared of professional hand holders and other such parasitic ilk.

  • Jim Horne

    It is long past time that we as citizens questioned the degree to which the Trudeau Government, the Canadian courts, the Canadian security apparatus, the RCMP and local law enforcement are truly actively and successfully engaged in protecting our families.

    After substantial reading and research, there can be no other choice but to conclude that as a group (the government, courts, security agencies and law enforcement) have failed to show sufficient resolve in protecting Canadians from terrorists. The details of the recent terror take down in Strathroy, Ontario is the most striking proof positive of the ineptness and incompetence of the entire public safety apparatus from top to bottom.

    This has to change.

    Prominent London, Ontario imam openly justifies jihad attacks on the West