CNN Cries ‘Sexism’ During Discussion About Hillary’s Health

mouseSexism is the new black.

Freshly minted CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers said on Tuesday there’s “an element of sexism” to raising questions about Hillary Clinton’s health.

  • So a potential President’s health issues are off limits because its a she.

    Sounds sexist to me.

    • BillyHW

      It’s actually racist.

      • full disclosure


  • terrence22

    Whadya expect from the Clinton News Network, honesty, criticism of the Clintos? NOT A CHANCE

  • Editor

    I expect this kind of partisan ideological nonsense from CNN. What gets me is that some people still watch it.

  • ntt1

    I have followed Kirsten Powers as she flirted with Conservatism and rank liberalism at the same time, Her views are at bestt vapid, but she is cute and blond and newly hired as a political commentator who is going to lecture us about sexism. …yeah right.
    CNN is the same as Fox or any other media outlet ,basicly a high class bordello for pretty girl;s with a basic journalism degree.