Clinton cakewalks with media

Big surprise. But fun anyway, with Brent Bozell at Townhall,

The media shamelessly proclaim that they are working for a disastrous Trump loss. The New York Times put its own media columnist, Jim Rutenberg, on the front page sounding the battle cry, insisting that Trump is a dangerous demagogue with a deeply racist message and that he must be stopped so the media can stand tall in “history’s judgment.”

Here’s where Wolff goes off the tracks. He asks, “Once Trump is dispatched, how does the media, suddenly realizing they did her work, regard (Clinton)?” Wolff answers his question thusly: “The media seek to claim as much power as they can. In creating Trump and destroying him, they have found a new certainty and authority. This enhanced power and uninhibited sense of outrage and virtue are sure to elect Clinton (and) then, of course, (to) viciously turn on her.”

Nonsense. That theory only makes sense if you’re Hillary Clinton, who always imagines that the press despises her. If the press really hated her, could she go nine months without a news conference? Obama’s been the worst president in history in prosecuting reporters. Has he suffered consequences? They have no “uninhibited sense of outrage and virtue.” With Democrats, they abandon any professional self-respect.More.

Reality check: Readers here know all this. But I frequently run into people who simply don’t get it that Americans (and Canadians) will end up funding a huge, vicious snarl of Pravdas and Tasses if Hill wins. The way Canadians fund the CBC to the tune of a near billion dollars a year , but no one watches it. It could cost Americans a hundred billion dollars as ways to “save” the media industry are worked out. So the taxpayer will fund progressive propaganda as long as the system endures. And this is what life will be like.

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