Mounties allow hijabs


Government spokesman Scott Bardsley said the move was to reflect the diversity in Canada’s communities and to attract more female Muslim officers.

The iconic uniform, famed for its wide-brimmed hat, has barely changed since it was introduced two centuries ago.

  • BillyHW

    Non-Canadian citizen muslims will soon be the ones putting you in jail in your own country for not being PC enough.

    Fuck you all women voters.

    • Allow hijabs today.

      Tomorrow allow throwing gays off of buildings.

    • FivePointSpurgeon

      Corollary: Non citizen Muslims will also steal confiscate your guns in the name of safety.

      • Dave

        Yeah, good luck with that one.

        • FivePointSpurgeon

          Kinda already happened in High River… but at least the cops were majority white then, amirite??

  • Editor

    So, loyalty first to islam, second to Canada. Expressed through a garnment that is not even specifically required by islam. The requirement is to “dress modestly” and the RCMP uniform complies with that requirement. The addition of the hijab is a political, in-you-face statement.

  • ontario john

    Will they be allowed to wear suicide vests?

  • andycanuck

    Ready for the Musical Camel Ride everyone?

    BTW, for the Beeb’s information the RCMP uniform has changed several times since 1875 especially for headgear; and the dented Stetson was first issued in the early 1900s (about 1906 IIRC).

    • Minicapt

      After the return of Strathcona’s Horse from South Africa.


      • andycanuck

        Yes, apparently 1904 contrasted with 1906:

        The wide, flat-brimmed Stetson hat was not adopted officially until about 1904. Although the NWMP contingent at Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee wore the Stetson, it was an unofficial item of dress. The primary official summer headdress at the time was the white British foreign service helmet, also known as a pith helmet. This was not particularly practical as headdress in the Canadian west, and members wore a Stetson type hat on patrol and around camp. Sam Steele is often credited with introducing the Stetson-type hat, and when he left the force to command Lord Strathcona’s Horse and took the regiment to South Africa he also adopted the Stetson for this unit. For winter a Canadian military fur wedge cap or busby was worn.

        • Minicapt

          He took command of Strathcona’s Horse in Jan 1900, having previously been Superintendent Steele of the NWMP and defender of Dawson City, Yukon.
          On return in 1902 …


          • andycanuck

            Thanks for the forum link although it’s not my favourite period — early & mid-18th Century for that.

            My favourite NWMP anecdote is about the Mountie contingent to Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee parade wearing their workaday clothes (including the then-unofficial dented Stetson) while everyone else was in full-dress (especially the Indian cavalry in all their metallic-laced finery) so they came out of the parade with the reputation for being frontier hard-asses, which is what they were.

            And let’s not forget about Strathcona boots either! 🙂

  • Seneca III

    Not just Canada gone completely insane but the whole of the Anglo-Eurosphere, or the ‘West’ if you wish to call it that.

    However there can be little doubt that the big reset it not far off and despite the fact that it is going to be damned messy it becomes more necessary with every passing day.

  • simus1

    Those Stetsons make everyone on parade look impossibly stupid.
    Even worse than Pope Evita’s Swiss Guards in their full regalia.

    Putting all of them in Hijabs would make a lot more sense.

    • Waffle

      I’m kind of partial to the bearskins worn by the Queens Guard.

      • ntt1

        particularly because the skins are donated by Canada and come from rogue bears shot by conservation officials, they have experimented with faux fur to sooth the peta assholes, but it doesn’t hold up to damp weather,and goes spikey. some of the bear and bamboo topees are almost 100 years old. i hope the hats are the fate of several collectivist bears that were put down by COs in the last few years.

  • vwVwwVwv

    beter idea, send the woman home, what woman have lost in this?

  • G

    “Barely changed”
    What bullshit. It’s changed many times. This writer needs to do some research. Oh wait! They’re a journalist. Truth isn’t necessary.

  • Gary

    How tragic that the RCMP now agrees with the Shafia father that murdered the 4 women in his family that didn’t want to wear the hijab and be a true muslim.
    How sick and twisted has Canada become where the RCMP now sanctions honour-killings over the hijab . In their eyes , only the hijab/niqab wearing women followers of islams are TRUE muslims to get jobs in the RCMP.

    The Toronto police drank the kool ade already even after 5 women were killed over the Hijab issues . Feminists and gays are NUTS, they support the islamists that wants to kill them while they bash the Christians that only dislike their actions as homosexual but have love for them.
    Susan G Cole is jewish, gay and a feminists and yet endorsed the pro-hamas groups that were in PRIDE for 5 years in a row. This dolt also support the jew-hating homophobic Mosque in the valley Park public school.
    No wonder people like Cole were Committed to be protected from them self and harm to others.
    Barbara Hall and McGuinty also approved the jew-hating homophobic mosques in 2 Public so far .

  • Alain

    The truth is that the real RCMP died with the introduction of mandated affirmative action and the nail in the coffin was the politicalising of the force.