Bathroom boycott hits Target in wallet?

From Todd Starnes at Townhall:

There are two indisputable facts surrounding Target’s decision to allow men to use the same bathrooms and changing rooms as women and little girls.

First, Target’s stock has taken pounding since April. Second quarter earnings fell to $680 million, according to Market Watch. And revenue fell 7.2 percent.

Second, more than 1.4 million consumers have joined American Family Association’s nationwide boycott of the nation’s second-largest discount retailer.More.

Reality check: It is a confluence of events. Target was aiming to be “upscale” discount, unlike WalMart. That’s what destroyed Target in Canada.

Canadians were not ashamed to shop at WalMart Canada! Indeed, some of us shoppers admire the firm for hiring people that others wouldn’t. Jobs for my neighbours.

Trying to cozy up to the cokesnort set is killing Target.

Most women do not want to pee in the presence of men. The store will save money, of course, if it does not need to provide serious women’s rest rooms because women use such faculties more frequently than men do. But they will be saving money in a shrinking business.

My local WalMart still has a women’s can and is busy as hell.

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