Bathroom boycott hits Target in wallet?

From Todd Starnes at Townhall:

There are two indisputable facts surrounding Target’s decision to allow men to use the same bathrooms and changing rooms as women and little girls.

First, Target’s stock has taken pounding since April. Second quarter earnings fell to $680 million, according to Market Watch. And revenue fell 7.2 percent.

Second, more than 1.4 million consumers have joined American Family Association’s nationwide boycott of the nation’s second-largest discount retailer.More.

Reality check: It is a confluence of events. Target was aiming to be “upscale” discount, unlike WalMart. That’s what destroyed Target in Canada.

Canadians were not ashamed to shop at WalMart Canada! Indeed, some of us shoppers admire the firm for hiring people that others wouldn’t. Jobs for my neighbours.

Trying to cozy up to the cokesnort set is killing Target.

Most women do not want to pee in the presence of men. The store will save money, of course, if it does not need to provide serious women’s rest rooms because women use such faculties more frequently than men do. But they will be saving money in a shrinking business.

My local WalMart still has a women’s can and is busy as hell.

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  • Brett_McS

    Looks like their stock is in …

  • Clink9

    I love how lefties always trash Walmart. My wife has business with Walmarts around Toronto and comments that their employees seem much happier in their workplace than many other higher paying Union places.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      Except Walmart does not pay living wages and the customers as my friend says all the time to me treat employees like complete garbage. Oh ya and the workers get put at the bottom of the totem pole. So if you disregard all of that I guess it can somehow be good in one’s own mind! There might be one good thing to pull out of all that harsh treatment, exploitation and the race to the bottom of wages, benefits and living conditions.

      Yet people wonder why wages keep going down and automation is becoming a thing and why family supporting jobs are few and far between.

      • Clink9

        This is an observation from years of dealing with these workers. Stick to something you know about.

      • But WalMart hires many people whom I am glad got hired. I am NOT saying they are not good employees! And I am glad they work there. But the conditions could never be those of a Bay Street law firm. The model just would not work.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I started working in a restaurant when I was fourteen.
          I’ve seen many people who were down on their luck and just needed a job.
          Not all of them worked out.
          But, they tried.

          • Clink9

            We’ve all done crappy jobs to get by. There is no success in life without them. Billy Boy and his kind would demand the Gubmint hand everyone a Unicorn and $20 an hour minimum wage right out of high school.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            My father worked at OPG and he got his job after getting a certificate from college, and that was common back in the 70’s when Canada had near full employment. It is based on whether a nation is flush with cash and has tons of jobs versus the work ethic of people.

            Do not forget that Japan has been in two decades and a half of stagnation and people there have to compete to the point of having to get extremely high grades and those are called “lost decades”. Ever heard of those. They seem to be coming to European and Western countries near you!

        • Clink9

          William Robert is a typical lefty and runs in another direction when faced with facts. My wife has had dealings with hundreds of Walmart employees over the years and has noted they are happy people in their workplace.

          And yes, she has dealt with banks and law firms but generally those people act like A holes in the work place.

          This is just a general observation on their happiness and level of motivation. He has no experience in these matters.
          Just liberal talking points.

          • The local WalMart employees are friendly and they are probably my neighbours. Many are new Canadians who live in nearby apartment buildings and are learning English. Some are physically or mentally handicapped but if they are helpful rather than disruptive, WalMart does not seem to care. I really like that.

            I cannot afford to patronize an upscale business that would not want them as employees or me as a customer.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            My name ends with an Italian name and this is a fake one. Like many on here people have pet names. the fact is observing something does not make someone instantly liberal if they want improvements to the system as a whole.

            Quite frankly wages are lower in Ontario compared to other provinces and people would rather have family supporting jobs and young people do after university/college move in with their parents.

            Nowadays, it takes a university/college degree to get a Walmart/Mc/Burger King job.

            Unless you have your head under a rock. Living conditions have gotten worse and yes Millenials will do worse than their parents. It is not hard to see.

            And yet you want more neoliberalism?

            Do you?

            You don’t want protectionism since we have had Thatcherism/Reaganism and free trade in different varieties since the 1980’s. I have seen no party remove these agreements and increase corporate taxes.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            People bought into the service economy bullshit instead of Canada making things.

            People do not understand that people in lower level jobs could easily have worked with their hands in a mill, factory or somewhere else.

            But no people have to do grocer, retail and menial tasks.

            And yes capitalism follows a transitional-based track in one direction unless a party wishes to reverse course and has the balls to challenge the financial elites!

          • Clink9

            You really have trouble with reading comprehension and staying on topic.

      • The Butterfly

        That’s why you see all those dead people piled up in the dumpsters out back. The ones who weren’t paid a “living” wage.

        And automation is a thing because most people are actually useless.

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          That is why it is called a race to the bottom, and funnily enough it will go in that direction which is why Ted Cruz’s flat tax would have just continued the bleeding of jobs and the automation with corporations pocketing the money and giving it to the shareholders and CEOs and golden parachutes.

          And people think that ending a few regulations and wind energy programs is seriously going to fix the problems.

          This is structural!

    • canminuteman

      I suspect that employees at Walmart are paid exactly the same as those at Canadian Tire, or Giant Tiger, or Sear’s or the Bay. People who work retail generally make minimum wage. I know it’s going back a long time but I remember my older sisters working retail when they were young and getting fired as soon as they got old enough that there employers had to pay them a higher minimum wage.

      • Clink9

        I did my four years at Canadian Tire. The pay was pretty much minimum but the managers were great and so were my fellow employees. We had lots of parties and hockey games together. I stayed on two years part time after landing a great full time job.

  • Samuel

    Transgender bathroom policy works 2 ways, you get men using the womyn’s restroom and you get men using the womyn’s restroom. This wouldn’t be an issue if we gave transgender persons their own bathrooms, but no we can’t have have that; instead we must allow the trans people to use the men’s & womyn’s bathrooms at whim. At the end of the day nobody wins.

    • Dave

      So we as consumers are supposed to put up with higher product prices so companies can install special bathrooms for trans genders? While we’re at it, why not make separate bathrooms for m-f and f-m trannies. At .3% of the population does it make economic sense? I’m a south-paw, and at 10% of the population I want my left handed only bathroom.
      The madness has to stop.