Wynne Liberals lead Ontario down Michigan’s path to pain

There is good reason to be gloomy about a new study contrasting Ontario’s prolonged stagnation to recent signs of revival across the border in Michigan state.

One is the simple embarrassment of being compared to a state that has become synonymous with failure. One of the few comforts available to frustrated Ontarians as the province slid steadily into economic torpidity was the knowledge that things immediately across the border were worse. Every article depicting Detroit as an urban apocalypse offered a little spurt of schadenfreude for Ontario: sure, things could be better, but hey, at least we’re not Michigan.

  • Ron MacDonald

    License plate renewal fee is going up to $120.

    • mobuyus

      She needs the money to pay for her deviant transgender shitters in every building in Ontario or at least in Toronto.

  • Daviddowntown

    When I read the header I thought it was gonna say; Wynne Liberals lead Ontario Conservatives in latest poll.

    • Alain

      What Conservatives?

  • ontario john

    The Fraser Institute today reports that we pay more in taxes than food, shelter, and other costs combined. And bare chested Trudeau was with his lesbian buddy Wynne today to blow billions more of our money. This time on transit, of which most will go to Toronto of course. Because down town Toronto is the only thing that matters. The rest of us rural hicks are just here to provide money. They even had socialist premier Notley from Alberta speaking at their caucus meeting in Sudbury. And now feminist Trudeau is off to China to meet his commie buddies.

    • mauser 98

      Trudeau, China ?

      grab your ankles.. wallet

  • H

    So Michigan instituted “budget cuts followed by a period of spending restraint” … well, the Ontario and federal Liberals can do the same, right? And abandon the wind power idiocy while they’re at it. They can do that. Suuure they can. Incidentally, I have some wonderful lakefront land for sale in Florida, if anyone’s interested.

  • Jay Currie

    Not to worry Ontario buddies…You lead the country in the total number of Health Canada licenced grow-ops. Prosperity is just around the corner.

  • Gary

    Toronto is already a majority non-Canadian City and is about to be 51% non-white.
    The a-holes at City Hall drove the debt up to $4,000,000,000.00 and just keep spending to keep getting elected by appeasing the Immigrant and refugee votes. Joe Mehivic went public to tell the media that Toronto is a sanctuary City with 300,000+ illegals that are entitled to Welfare and FREE health care.
    Prior to Wynne’s Election to replace Dalton she had also told illegals that they would get free Dental care and Health care .

    When the money stops when Ontario goes broke…..there will be riots and torching of the Welfare ghettos in Toronto which will turn it into Detroit or some third world hell-hole .