Prominent Paris rabbi defends controversial burkini ban

Grand Synagogue of Paris rabbi says mayors who adopted ban “understood this is not about women’s liberty to dress modestly, but a statement as to who will rule here tomorrow.”

  • Martin B

    Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • He gets it.

      • Surele Surele

        And a rabbi, he.

        • Alain

          No Reform rabbi for sure.

    • infedel

      Well if we continue with this multi culti bull we will have a civil war in the West

  • Waffle

    I may have overheard a little testing of the system here (Ontario) on Sunday. I had taken my neighbour to Emergency. While we were in Emerg. (she was eventually admitted), the patient on the other side of the curtain was a heavily pregnant Muslima who was having breathing difficulties. The docs wanted to do an ultrasound which would have required her to bare her chest (horror of horrors!!). The husband put the kibosh on that idea, so the pair, with their 2-year old left without a proper diagnosis or treatment. They said that only a female doc could do the procedure. The Muslima could not let a man see her bare breasts.

    I can’t help but wonder if one day soon, we will be hearing about a discrimination lawsuit.

  • infedel

    Yep…and it is not controversial…female suppression in this century…no no no

    ….and no dialogue about it islamonazis.

    • Will Quest

      The state doesn’t, have the right to dictate wardrobes…….. However patriarchal gender norms in Islam and the desire of islam to have their women dress modestly with a distinct islamic flavour, apparel that ‘overtly manifests adherence to a religion, should have no place in the wardrobes of the nation either.
      I’m not okay with women being controlled by men or a religion just as much as I’m not okay with them being controlled by the state.
      interesting how the force behind islamic-wear is both religious and state sponsored, the official vice squad, the pushers of veils, are sanctioned by the islamic states ….. it’s the holy-jihad for sharia compliancy …… state enforced / sharia enforced / religiously enforced female apparel ……..

      • infedel

        Ok..but it is more expedient to just ban islam from the West as it a political totalitarian movement more than a religion; and so the Western states have to take a stance against creeping sharia and foolish tolerance…banning oppressive islam wear cannot be compared to Western states saying we cannot walk naked or cover our faces….safety and open communication is our law…love it or leave it….need to see your face.