One Lie Too Many for Hillary?

It’s been over 260 days since Hillary Clinton held her last press conference. Surely, the former secretary of state knew that stonewalling the press like this would antagonize political media and hand her Republican opponents a powerful rhetorical weapon, but she must have determined it was a small price to pay. If Clinton thought avoiding the press would keep her name out of the news, however, that was a significant lapse in judgment. The former secretary of state is still generating headlines from inside the bunker, and few of them are good.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    This horrible, horrible witch is still kicking the Trumpster’s ass. ClintonNewsNetwork, ManyStupidNutbarsBabblingCrap and her other msm handmaidens will deliver victory for Hitlery. She could eat a live kitten on TV and it would just go down the memory hole with Whitewater, Bubba’s rapes, Benghazi, the body count …