Oh what the heck…

Lets watch a bear video…

  • Maurice Miner

    OK, the words “Mommy will shoot him if he tries to get into the house!” left me all warm and fuzzy about this video.

    Yes, wild animals are great, but they have their place, as do humans, and those places should not interact in normal society.

    Fortunately, where I choose to live there are no wild bears, and the only bear-like animal is a tiny marsupial. However, we have the most extraordinarily venomous snakes, spiders, sea-creatures and even monotremes. not to mention the largest crocodiles in the universe, dangerous child-seizing canines, and all varieties of flora and fauna whose prime directive is to kill you, so I suppose it’s just karma.

    • Dana Garcia

      “Mama will shoot” got my approval too, particularly after the silly shrieking.

      Bears are wonderful creatures, but their place is outside at the picnic table in Jellystone Park, as Yogi taught us.

      • Maurice Miner

        What about the Ranger, Boo-boo?

        • Dana Garcia

          They have to wait their turn for pick-a-nick baskets.

  • ntt1

    I enjoy watching the Changing of the guard at Buck house . for the simple reason that i fantasise the Guards are wearing the mortal remains of the furry bastard that kept trashing my orchard a few years back. Bears are just 600 pound rats

  • Heh.

    Bears amuse me.

    Except when they maul people.

    Black bears are timid, at least this one was.