Dox on live baby parts sales (defended, of course, by rage bunnies)

You don’t need to care about the babies, but you might want to spare a thought for yourself in the age of euthanasia – as your pension plan with the Canadian Bar Association wanting to ease up on restrictions.

Recently, I wrote to a lawyer friend, who provided the documents below:

I mentioned a disturbing event that happened at my place a couple of weeks ago. I intend only a warning cry for any who care to listen, hopefully without advertisement or drama.

The progressive who called on me started by triumphantly announcing that the people who exposed Planned Parenthood’s sale of live baby body parts are “liars.” No. They are not. See documents below.

I fear that many well-meaning people, impressed by claims about “social justice,” do not see what permanent progressive rule means. It means, just for example, that midlife adults with serious responsibilities—like that individual— feel no shame about behaving like toddlers in a public place and no moral anxieties about insulting friends, benefactors, and relatives or denying masses of evidence that does not support the progressive war on unborn children, newly born children, and old or sick people.

Far from it, they actually believe themselves to be wronged parties – on whatever ground they personally choose.

She then descended into a high-pitched, nearly incomprehensible rant, where the only words I could make out were: Pope Francis! [Fork] you! Compassion! [Fork] you! Late term abortion is necessary! [Fork] you! Pope Francis! [Fork] you! Compassion! [Fork] you! Euthanasia is okay! [Fork] you! Pope Francis! [Fork] you! Compassion! [Fork] you!, while she was rushing out the door.

And then she shrieked [Fork] you! [Fork] you! [Fork] you! [Fork] you!] through the car window and drove away.

Two notes about the progressive ethics they will enshrine in law every chance they get:

1. There are no rational standards. Moral standards are just a form of oppression. There is only the endless soap opera of the Entitled Aggrieved vs. the Bad Element. That sort of thing killed hundreds of million of people in the former Soviet Union and in China.

I pray it not be so here. But the lure of government money (= other people’s money) may sway enough voters in upcoming elections to make progressivism a permanent feature. They will not lack money for that purpose in the short term because progressives can always recoup the funds by punishing their enemies.

I provoked that progressive’s rage by stating the perennial beliefs of a faithful Catholic. The earliest post-New Testament document, the Didache, condemns abortion.

I would have thought, if you don’t care, don’t ask. But if you do care enough to ask, please don’t start screaming profanities at me and then acting like you are the victim.

But wait! In the progressive world, the Entitled Aggrieved is always the victim. As a traditional Catholic, I am by definition the oppressor even if I did nothing but peaceably affirm the teachings of the Church. And there are no longer any rational or moral standards by which I can clear myself.

2. Evidence does not matter. Truth, facts, and evidence are replaced by narrative, talking points, and spin. That is the most fundamental progressive teaching at tax-funded universities, starting in the 1960s.

At the time of the incident, I was so dazed that I did not even think of this until later: In 2000, I myself had published a big story in a major American magazine about the Planned Parenthood baby parts harvest, protected at the highest levels of government. No one disputed it was happening. But progressive government prevents anything being done about it and it is free to accuse those who document it as “liars” and charge them.

And maybe even continue to invoke Pope Francis until he learns to stay as well clear of them as one would of a rattlesnake den and make the Church’s opposition much clearer.

Anyway, my lawyer friend wrote back, attaching documents from his own research into the problem, which pretty much tells the rest of the story, click the links below to review the pdf’s.

Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Invoice

Colorado State U and Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Agreement

Response to Planned Parenthood’s Motions to Dismiss

Don’t think you can live in peace when there is no peace. When strutting, raging victims rule, that will not happen for you.

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