The Oh-So-Easy Habit of Taking Offence

Bill Leak’s cartoon set the twittering class to displays of by-the-numbers outrage. Rather than hashtag sermons they might have addressed the actual causes and problems afflicting so many Aborigines. Yes, they might have done that but, sadly, they never will…

Bill leak cartoon

  • ntt1

    So many parallel;s to our indian affairs problem,
    I work with several indians of various tribes, they state as one ,that getting the hell away from the reservation was the beginning, and limited assimilation in fitting in to urban life , it does not mean the end of “indianness” but it does mean the erosion of tribal elders and chiefs power.
    That is why it is fought tooth and nail by the political indian industry.
    after long years of growing up with and watching indian youth be defeated and destroyed by well meaning social workers and hopelessness i am coming to believe that limited assimilation and a one time payout for extinguishment of all claims has to happen.
    I can function in a Canadian society yet still venerate my Scots /Irish/ english smuggler ,sea gypsy /pirate heritage with out needing to attack the next dutch trader.
    Modern indians are as far from their traditions as i am, so its time to accept the obvious and build one Canada

    • The situation in Australia mirrors our own in many ways.

      But we have no politician willing to end it.

      • ntt1

        Too true. Both the liberals and conservatives have sent out pseudo-pods to test the waters only to draw the wrath of the entire indian industry.
        it will take time and the building of resistance to the continuing indian seizure of Canadian sovereignty and exposure of the bold faced extortion rackets against resource planners. now our locals “natives”are shutting down fish farms that are in their “traditional territory” not a peep from the politicians .

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Hear, hear!

  • andycanuck

    But the cop is an Aborigine too so it should be okay!

    • Maurice Miner

      Andy, NO-ONE in Australia who was screaming “raaaacist!” even noticed that fact! Well done!

      We had an exemplar of a successful indigenous figure of authority (the copper), who presumably had the authority to return the “arrested” child to his family rather than going through the formal Court process (an early intervention),who asks the putative father to sit down with his son and “talk responsibility”, only to find the father with can of beer in hand asking what the kid’s name was.

      What a powerful cartoon, and all across the world , we can gauge the inherent POWER of a simple cartoon by the amount of outrage and anguish it generates.

      Bill Leak is a national hero.