Healthy skepticism? About transgender teens?

From Michael Cook at MercatorNet

The Australian media ought to be asking hardball questions about happy trans teens

To his (because he is still biologically and legally male) credit, Georgie is a strikingly intelligent, articulate 16-year-old, with chic clothes and lots of make-up. There’s no doubt that he believes passionately in his cause. “I feel like I can actually help people,” he says. “I’m hoping after seeing my story they can see a happy, free 16-year-old who came out the other side.”

What this means is that he has embarked on a three-stage process to becoming a female: puberty suppressing hormones as a 10-year-old, then cross-sex hormones, and finally surgery to reshape the genitalia. In Australia, children who want to transition need to apply to the Family Court for permission to take these powerful drugs – a condition which Georgie and her doctors are lobbying to have struck from the books. At 10 he was the youngest person ever to have been given a green light.

“I would have killed myself if my voice had broken,” Georgie says. “It would have meant people could no longer take me on face value.” More.

Reality check: This is about the power of progressives to reshape natural attitudes, values and beliefs to be whatever they want and punish any who dissent. The suicide risk for transgenders is quite high but it is certain to be blamed on “transphobia” and not on whatever caused them to fall into the hands of the people promoting this stuff.

It will probably be impossible to have serious research on these subjects until progressivism is in ruins and the legacy media largely seek to exist. Picking up the pieces will not be easy.

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  • This is cultural suicide with children as guinea pigs.

    • Left wing nut jobs, doing what they do.

      Selling susceptible children kool-aide.

      Nice job progressives.

  • tom_billesley

    Suicide of the transgendered has little to do with transphobia or restroom angst.
    The prevailing view is that their body dysmorphic disorders are to be treated in a way that proceeds to sex reassignment surgery.
    That their wishes are granted will give them some immediate gratification, but is unlikely in the longer term to make them more stable individuals with a suicide risk similar to the cisgendered. They’ll still be pretty messed up.