Iraqi police stop child suicide bomber


Time for a diet of pork and the New Testament.

A child bomber dressed in a Barcelona football shirt was detained moments before he was apparently planning to carry out a suicide attack in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

The distressed youngster, aged about 12 or 13, was stripped of his clothing to reveal an explosive belt about to be detonated.

Video footage shows security officers holding the boy still by his arms as they painstakingly remove the explosives from around his waist.

The boy can be seen gingerly stepping out of the belt before officers frantically rush him away.

  • Millie_Woods
  • stubb

    Freddy Mercury alive and well as an Iraqi police officer?

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    ‘Iraqi police stop child suicide bomber’ would be posted as ‘Barcelona football fan tries to kill muslims in apparent suicide bombing attempt’ if published in the Guardian.

  • Dave

    Of course it’s not terrorism, only mental health issues. Oh wait, this isn’t europe or north america, so I guess it is terrorism.
    F*cking useless media we have.