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man and woman athleteUtah college formally allows men on women’s sports teams

“On May 13, 2016, the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education issued a Dear Colleague Letter on Transgender Students,” he wrote. “Westminster College is committed to protecting the rights of all students, and the purpose of this message to inform you of the newly-affirmed rights of transgender students under the DCL.”

Among those “newly-affirmed rights” of students, he continues, are both “the right to access restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity” and “the right to participate in athletic activities consistent with their gender identity.”

hands off my moneyTrudeau’s Bail-In Now Law to Allow Banks to Confiscate Your Deposits

On June 22, 2016 Bill C15 became law along with its controversial “Bail-In Regime”. In the crash of 2008 governments “bailed out” banks with billions of dollars. The next time around banks will be permitted to seize your deposits and exchange them for shares, shares in a failed bank.

Some say that Canadian banks are so strong Canadians don’t have to worry. But the experts say “Canada is in Serious Trouble”. DBRS, Moody’s and Standard and Poors all have downgraded Canadian banks to a “negative” outlook. The Bank of Canada says our housing market is 30% overvalued, Deutsche Bank says 63% and CMHC says 35%. With average house prices now over over $1.3 million in Toronto and Vancouver a crash appears imminent.

someone's upset the muslims againGermany Abandons Hundreds Of Deportations Because Migrants Scream Before Flight

More than 330 deportations have been abandoned since January 2015, because the migrants have shouted, refused to fasten their seat belts or told the pilot they are not traveling on their own free will, according to figures from Germany’s interior ministry.

red white and blue gunVenezuela’s gun confiscation should be a wake-up call to pro-gun Americans

Over 2,000 shotguns and pistols were destroyed in a city square in Venezuela’s capital city of Caracas as part of a new gun control push. The event marked “the renewal of efforts to disarm Venezuelans, through a combination of seizures and a voluntary program to swap guns for electrical goods.”

The government went as far as using laser technology to register ammunition, since much of the gun violence in Venezuela is perpetrated using government weapons that were either stolen from police departments and military depots, or sold to gangs by corrupt government officials. But stripping Venezuelan citizens of their ability to protect themselves will do nothing to address the violence.

islam will dominate the worldTop Firms Honoring Muslim Religious Requests in Workplace

Firms such as JP Morgan, Accenture and PricewaterhouseCoopers are taking steps to make sure that Muslims feel accommodated and respected in the workplace, according to Bloomberg.

Last year some 40 percent of religious discrimination cases seen by the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission related to Muslims, despite Muslims only making up 1% of the population.

inuit childrenInuit fear they will be overwhelmed as ‘extinction tourism’ descends on Arctic

In a few days, one of the world’s largest cruise ships, the Crystal Serenity, will visit the tiny Inuit village of Ulukhaktok in northern Canada. Hundreds of passengers will be ferried to the little community, more than doubling its population of around 400. The Serenity will then raise anchor and head through the Northwest Passage to visit several more Inuit settlements before sailing to Greenland and finally New York.

It will be a massive undertaking, representing an almost tenfold increase in passenger numbers taken through the Arctic on a single vessel – and it has triggered considerable controversy among Arctic experts. Inuit leaders fear that visits by giant cruise ships could overwhelm fragile communities, while others warn that the Arctic ecosystem, already suffering the effects of global warming, could be seriously damaged.

nice attackCalling for Another Nice-Style Attack, ISIS Suggests Jihadists Try Baseball Bat, Power Screwdriver

A new video out of ISIS’ Al-Khayr province in Syria suggests jihadists emulate the on-hand weaponry of the Nice attack with at-home items such as a power screwdriver, baseball bat or hypodermic needle.

The death toll in the July 14 attack on the French coastal city, in which a Tunisian living in Nice drove a cargo truck into a Bastille Day crowd, rose to 86 a few days ago as another man died of his injuries. Eighty-three were killed at the scene.

French authorities initially declared that the truck driver, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, had no known links to terrorism. The attacker’s uncle said Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, claimed by ISIS as one of their own, was recruited by an Algerian shortly before the attack even though he “didn’t pray, didn’t go to the mosque and ate pork.”

war-helicopterThe Problem Isn’t Nation-Building. It’s Islam-Building

Nation-building has become a very controversial term. And with good reason. Our conviction that we can reconstruct any society into another America is unrealistic. It ignores our own exceptionalism and overlooks the cultural causes of many conflicts. It assumes that a change of government and open elections can transform a tribal Islamic society into America. They can’t and won’t.

But it’s also important to recognize that what we have been doing isn’t nation-building, but Islam-building.

Nation-building in Germany and Japan meant identifying a totalitarian ideology, isolating its proponents from political power and recreating a formerly totalitarian state as an open society. That is the opposite of what we did in Afghanistan and Iraq, never mind Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and all the rest.

We did temporarily pursue de-Baathification in Iraq. But the Baathists were just Saddam’s cult of personality. Saddam was a problem in Iraq. But he wasn’t the problem in Iraq. His rule was a symptom of the real problem which was the divide between Sunnis and Shiites. The real problem was Islam.

Hillary Clinton and President TrumpTrump Takes Lead Over Clinton 45-43, Sees 10 Point Jump in Black Support

This means Trump’s call for “law and order” actually had a huge effect and blacks are finally realizing burning down their own communities in response to black cops shooting black criminals is not the wisest of decisions.

Since George Soros and other billionaires funded the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement the over the last few years, the homicide rate in predominantly African-American cities has skyrocketed according to the DOJ.

9774490844_61368be03e_twitterCould Gab Finally Be the Free Speech Twitter Alternative?

Gab CEO Andrew Torba, a 25-year-old entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, was troubled by what he saw as rampant social media censorship. Not only direct censorship of users like Twitter’s banning of conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos but more subtle corporate censorship like Facebook suppressing conservative news in their trending section and Twitter seemingly tampering with trending hashtags.

npr-news_2Open to the Public? NPR Website Getting Rid of All Comments

NPR ombudsman Elizabeth Jensen tenderly noted that the “public” broadcasters were about to look a little less open to the public. is is dumping any online commentaries on their stories. This could be seen as lessening the chance a conservative can actually protest their leftist content. All existing comments on the site will disappear, since they “actually live within Disqus, an outside commenting platform used by NPR. So when the commenting software is removed, the archival comments go with it”.

Jensen’s article gets more fascinating when the usual NPR snobbery kicks in. Commenters aren’t at all as civilized and intelligent as the NPR on-air product. They spread ‘free hate.” Try not to laugh about NPR being so “honest and unbiased” and free of insults. (Clearly they missed the NPR hour on “Trump may be an insane fascist.”)