Chinese drivers fashion rat-proof car ‘skirts’

Residents of a city in southern China have been attaching “skirts” to their cars to protect them from rats.

Locals in Nanning, in the Guangxi autonomous region, came up with the unusual solution after rodents were found to be clambering inside the vehicles and gnawing through the wiring. Parked cars have been spotted around the city sporting the makeshift, wraparound shields – dubbed “car maxi skirts” in the Chinese media – some fashioned from fabric and chicken wire, others using bamboo.

  • simus1

    In “The Centre Of The Universe” some years ago, a Jaguar owner discovered that squirrels with a habitual preference for lightly salted ignition wires in particular had cost her a pretty penny.

  • Jay Harper

    Cats would salve this problem. Oh, wait.