Muslim landlord breaks tenant’s leg in argument over religion

Jamaica – A Muslim landlord who attacked his Christian tenant with a metal pipe and broke her leg during a discussion about their religion, which had escalated into an argument, was remanded for sentencing after he was denied bail in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week.

h/t NDL

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Black lives matter.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Now it is obvious what the problem is! He’s a landlord.

    There won’t be any more problems in the world if we just ban all the landlords!

    • Sounds just!

    • Blacksmith

      It was the assault pipe, ban all assault pipes!

  • simus1

    Milton must be a recent convert whose imam hasn’t been able to help him see that islam is a religion of peace. Strange his imam wasn’t in court or mention made of which mosque he prefers to attend.
    I wonder if he is mainstream or into something rather more exotic, if you get my drift.