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rebel logoGeneration Entitled: Woman sues her high school for life’s failures

I’m thinking about suing the Ryerson School of Journalism. By this stage in my career, I thought I’d be a senior correspondent with Fox News. Since I’m not, I think Ryerson owes me an apology — and a cheque.

‘We need new blood’: Despite major economic downtown, Albertans want more immigration, McCallum says

canada flagThe minister was in Calgary as a part of a series of cross-country consultations on the Canadian immigration system, including questions about how many immigrants Canada should welcome in 2017.

“There’s a strong consensus that they’re in favour of more immigrants, not less immigrants, notwithstanding the state of the economy,” said McCallum, after a closed-door discussion with participants, including representatives of local businesses and organizations that work with immigrants in Calgary.

diamond and silkBikers For Hillary

The Bikers are coming to protect Crooked Hillary. Everyone needs to get out of the way or get run over.

islam must be destroyedIslamic Extremism? No, it’s not

As long as those in the public eye keep calling it “Islamic extremism” we will never defeat the Islamic plan to convert the whole world to Islam or kill us if we refuse.

Those who use terrorism as a tool to force their Islamic ideology on us are not extremists at all.

They are merely following the dictates of their murderous, pedophile, raping, idiotic “prophet” Mohammad, the Koran, and the hadiths/siras to the letter. In other words, they are the true Islamists.

lock and chain on fenceCommon Sense Is Not A Color-Based Characteristic

He ran up to us and asked, “are you Jackson’s daddy?”

I hesitantly responded, “yes son, I’m Jackson’s daddy.” I then looked at my wife as the excited child ran back toward the middle of the street yelling, “see, I told you Jackson had a father!”

Turning away from my wife to look at the group of little boys who were then looking at Jackson as if he were a shiny novelty item, I said, “’we have to move.” To my surprise, she agreed without hesitation.

Not long after that, we moved into a neighborhood in which Jackson’s parental arrangement was the norm. There were lots of fathers. Some families even had two daddies!

obama golf floodObama and Black Lives Matter AWOL in LA Floods

It’s bad down on the bayou! President Obama is content to stay at Martha’s Vineyard and play golf.

President Obama isn’t the only one not showing up in Louisiana. Black Lives Matter is nowhere to be seen and it has more than annoyed one resident.

Jerry L. Washington took to social media to share his views about the ineptitude of the BLM group. He delivers a message of truth that is hard to argue with.

sorosSoros’ “Islamophobia” Plot Against David Horowitz Revealed

Radical left-wing billionaire George Soros developed a strategy five years ago to publicly disparage, delegitimize, and marginalize conservatives like David Horowitz who go to great pains to warn Americans about the threat posed by political Islam and the ongoing Islamization of the U.S.

It is part of the Left’s push to create an alternate reality in which world temperatures claimed to be rising at an imperceptibly slow rate pose more of a threat to mankind than militants flying commercial jetliners into skyscrapers.

160812090536-burkini-super-169CNN: Why are the burqa and burkini being banned?

Burqas and the swimwear equivalent, burkinis are under more scrutiny in Europe this summer. Germany has announced plans to ban full-face veils in some circumstances, while in a small number of French towns burkinis were banned on beaches.
What makes burqas, full-face veils and burkinis so controversial and why are efforts being made to ban them?

hillary not a crookHillary Clinton Is Fundraising With Moonbat Cher And Other Celebrities Instead Of Visiting Louisiana

The people of Louisiana are trying to recover. The damage is devastating. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to lose everything. I’m sure the last thing flood victims want to hear is a bunch of self-righteous politicians sending their condolences.

Actions speak louder than words. President Obama has been golfing, and now we know what Hillary Clinton’s been up to (besides taking naps).

She’s fundraising with Cher.

94716_donaldtrumptopTrump makes fools of governor and media when he rolls into Louisiana with an 18-wheeler full of supplies

When Donald Trump announced his impending trip to flood-ravaged Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards seemed more than a little cynical, saying through a spokesman, “We welcome him to LA but not for a photo-op. Instead we hope he’ll consider volunteering or making a sizable donation to the LA Flood Relief Fund to help the victims of the storm.”

So was the media. A Friday morning Los Angeles Times headline read, “Donald Trump’s challenge in touring Louisiana flooding: Showing concern, not opportunism.”

And when Air Trump did land in Baton Rouge, beating both his Democratic opponent and the sitting president, who seemed much more interested in avoiding water traps on the golf course than showing concern for fellow citizens whose lives are literally UNDER WATER, liberal journalists downplayed his visit, including a “story” entitled, “Watch Donald Trump Spend Exactly 49 Seconds ‘Helping Out’ Louisiana Flood Victims.”

Except Trump didn’t just show up for a “photo-op,” or to spend a few seconds “helping out.” Instead, the man actually brought an 18-wheeler transfer truck full of supplies to help people in need, right where they are.