A New Birth of Slavery

How easily we forget who first opposed slavery.

Someone posted one of those memes on Facebook recently. A picture with a quotation. I didn’t write it down verbatim, and I don’t remember the name of the person quoted, because, to be perfectly honest, I have no wish to give him publicity. (Also, Facebook memes are generally wrong.) But I thought the quotation was as elegant an exercise in question-begging as I’ve ever seen.

The gist of the thing was this: “You tell me the Bible is the Word of God. But the Bible never says that owning slaves is a sin. If the Bible can’t get that question right — the easiest question in the world — why should I believe what it says about anything else?”

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    Because racial slavery was unheard of. Indentured servitude is how people stayed alive if they couldn’t support themselves. Reason #4689953223 why you don’t do Bible Study with non believers.

    • Makes sense to me;)

    • occupant 9

      Yep, and for that seven years at most and on the seventh year, released and not empty-handed.

      Most people who opine about the Bible have never read it and they are therefore, experts. In fact, most people who have read the Bible read it through the prism of Christianity, which they read first, and that can’t help but alter and misrepresent the Bible’s message significantly.

  • dukestreet

    Except that, in the days when the Gideons were allowed to put Bibles in hotel rooms etc. people would read it without any prism whatsoever and become Christian because of what they read. So the “Christian prism doesn’t necessarily make that much differerence.