‘White, male, Christian able-bodied and straight’ students are told ‘to check their privilege’

This is nothing short of a war on Western Civilization and those who created it.

A North Carolina university became embroiled in controversy on Friday after a student group posted a ‘privilege board’ on campus which calls on white, male, able-bodied, Christian, or cisgender people to ‘check their privilege.’

Students at Appalachian State University notice the board when they enter Plemmons Student Union, a major campus hub that has allowed the incendiary board to remain in place since last semester.

The board’s existence, which was first reported last year by the web site Campus Reform, has conservatives outraged over what they perceive as the singling out of one religious group as well as the imposition of a political point of view on unsuspecting students.

The board first surfaced last year in a residence hall, but now it has been placed in a more prominent location with greater exposure to students.