Pay To Play With the Clinton Foundation

The Clintons would literally sell the US to the highest bidder. If the Clinton Foundation won’t accept “donations” after she’s elected, they’ll just set up another shell foundation to funnel the money through. I predict they’re billionaires by the time she leaves office.

Anyone who has distaste for the influence that money buys in politics, should be repulsed by the monetary albatross that follows Hillary Clinton wherever she goes. The albatross is none other than the “charity” of her own making, The Clinton Foundation. Even Hillary supporters now are acknowledging the inherent corruption her family slush fund is facilitating, and calling for its dismantling prior to her assumed election as president. After all, if foreign states and special interests were using the fund for “pay to play” while she was Secretary of State, the stakes, and the potential payoffs, would be much greater with a future president.

clinton-foundation-scandalAccording to Hillary Clinton last year, the First Family of the 1990’s left the White House “dead broke,” in 2001. They made up for their White House poverty years from 2001-2006, when, according to Mrs. Clinton’s Senate disclosures, the couple made $87.3 million, from book deals and speaking fees. As long as none of those paydays bought influence, that’s just fine, unless of course one’s ideology, like Bernie Sanders supporters, requires disdain and class-envy of those who are financially successful, for the Clinton’s are clearly “one per centers.”

The Clinton’s financial waters are considerably murkier when their Foundation is brought into the picture. The Clinton Foundation is classified under IRS Code 501(c)(3) as a “non-profit” foundation, comprising several separate “initiatives,” or areas of focus, including health, economic opportunity, and climate issues. In just over 13 years, the Foundation has raised nearly $2 billion from U.S. corporations, especially Wall Street firms, political donors, and foreign governments.