Justice finally prevails for Bruce and Donna Montague against Ontario Government thugs

Sometimes justice really does prevail. Or some semblance of it does, anyway, even if it takes far too long to arrive and can never fully make up for all the pain and suffering experienced along the way. There had already been plenty of suffering for Bruce and Donna Montague, who live in a log home outside Kenora, Ont., when they sought to stop the province of Ontario from seizing and selling their home: Bruce had already spent more than half a year in jail and lost his ability to work in his chosen profession, and the federal government had already taken more than $100,000 of the couple’s property, which amounted to their life savings.

  • ontario john

    They are obviously homophobic, and don’t realize that the people are to serve the government in sunny ways Ontario, not the other way around.

  • simus1

    The government of LLKDW always stands on the sacred ground of whichever slaughterers/ descendants held possession when the white oppressors showed up. They never make mistakes.

  • Dave

    Some of the comments…
    For example:

    Ivan Paul Dobren ·
    McGill University“Why?
    Bruce, a talented gunsmith and principled opponent of the complex
    licensing and gun registration laws that came into effect in Canada in
    1995, had purposely let his firearms business licence and firearms
    acquisition certificate expire as an act of protest. “
    Lock him/the criminal up and throw away the key.The Law is the Law, it is really as simple as that.

    First off, McGill university pretty much explains it. Leftist fucktard from a leftist training camp.
    Secondly: Lock him/the criminal up and throw away the key.The Law is the Law.

    Again leftist ‘tard will give a pass to the dirty hippy occupy clowns, the rioting BLM movement etc, but a white guy, full on prosecution/persecution.

    O/T please don’t go to F/B for comments, I and many others refuse to do facebook and we do like to comment.
    Just askin’

  • Mark

    Actions like this get government officials shot. People with nothing to lose won’t be rational.

  • Gary

    Sounds like the same scam Liberals ran with the Lottery fraud they tried to cover up.
    Rather than admit to fraud by the Retailers , McLiar used tax dollars to fight the Lottery winners in Court because it was McLiar money. There was another scam going on with the scratch and win Lottery that Liberal’s tolerated because the revenues from gaming and Ticket was huge and could BUY another Election to pay off Public sector employees and Teachers.

  • malik