Great Leader Kim Dong Wynne’s popularity hits new low: poll – But It Just Doesn’t Matter

Have the “chickens have finally come home to roost” as Premier Kathleen Wynne’s personal approval rating hits an all-time low?

Just 16 per cent of Ontarians approve of Wynne’s job performance, according to a new Forum research poll.

But it just doesn’t matter because the Public Service Unions and all the other rent seekers will keep her in power, that gives them carte blanche to pick our pockets.

  • ontario john

    She won’t be defeated in the next election. There is too much shady money at stake, for the elites to allow that to happen. The media will support her big time, just like they fight against Trump big time. Besides, who is going to replace her party? The Progressive Conservatives? They have the same policies now as the Liberals.

    • This province is ruined.

      Thank your nearest Liberal voter.

    • It is a big ugly monster we are up against. The public service unions and crony capitalists run the show.

      Patrick Brown does not inspire confidence. Even in Patrick Brown I suspect.

  • BillyHW

    We get the leaders women vote for.