Free speech only for those anti-Israel activists deem worthy

Nadia Shoufani - Persecuted By ZOG according to the Batshit Crazy Committee

Nadia Shoufani – Persecuted By ZOG according to the Batshit Crazy Committee

TORONTO – A gaggle of anti-Israel activists turned up at Queen’s Park Wednesday to defend the free speech rights of a Mississauga Catholic teacher suspended following her controversial comments at a recent Al-Quds Day rally.

The panel — consisting mostly of retired professors — claimed repeatedly that Nadia Shoufani is “under attack” and being silenced for exercising her right to freedom of expression about the Israeli “terrorists” who are forcing Palestinians to live “under brutal military occupation.”

  • Waffle

    Let’s face it kids. Plain, old, unvarnished anti-semitism is back. Let’s not pretend.

    • Absolutely so. In a few years the Liberal Party will be no different than Great Britain’s Labour Party. That’s what you get for courting the Muslim vote.

      • Hard Little Machine

        They didn’t need to ‘court the Muslim vote’, it was always there and this is merely an excuse to put it in the open.

        • Alain


  • Hard Little Machine

    What I do at events like this is bring a megaphone and a Nazi flag and stand with them screaming for the extermination of all Jews in their name just to see of they will stop me. They rarely do.

  • UCSPanther

    As I have said before, Al Quds day is the Two Minutes Hate for the Ayatollahs…

  • vwVwwVwv
  • Norman_In_New_York

    We need the J.D.L. more than ever.

  • Alain

    Someone should tell them that free speech is an American concept just to watch the reaction. When the speech does not suit them, they are the ones making this ridiculous claim. See how the shoe fits.

  • vwVwwVwv

    there are lots idiots in the madhouse who can claim the right of free speach
    and say they are in the madhouse because the doctor
    prevented them from speaking up.