Being white may have saved the Florida face-eating suspect from being shot by police

Racist Rule #1: Racists see racism in all things.

When police in Florida found 19-year-old Austin Harrouff on Monday gnawing on a man’s face, they quickly sprung into action. The first responding officer fired her Taser at the Florida State University student, who was wearing a blue polo shirt and a red “Making America Great Again” hat. Then, when two other sheriff’s deputies arrived, they unleashed a canine and kicked him repeatedly. Finally, they pulled him off the victim before taking him to the hospital, where he remains in stable but critical condition.

One thing they didn’t do: fire a weapon.

Harrouff allegedly stabbed two random people to death, then attacked a neighbor who tried to interrupt his rampage. And yet despite the grisly scene, Harrouff somehow survived his confrontation with the cops. At a time when fatal officer-involved shootings of black men are under scrutiny nationwide, some have questioned whether Harrouff’s race factored into the police decision not to shoot him.

“Crazy how cops were able to subdue a white guy turned zombie, but [they’re] out here killin’ black men at traffic stops for no reason,” one Twitter user wrote.