Banning the burqa is the right thing to do

This is a point counterpoint set of opinion pieces offered up by Deutsche Welle. This is one of the rare times that DW is running comments, they are worth a look.

Given the role George Soros has played in undermining democracy in Europe and North America I anxiously await to see if his withered fingerprints will be found on Canada.

Banning the burqa is the right thing to do

A free and open society must be able to draw a clear dividing line. And that means the burqa should be banned in Germany

Yes – a burqa ban is the politics of symbolism. Yes – a burqa ban will not prevent any terrorist attacks. Yes – for a liberal constitutional state, the mere fact of contemplating a burqa ban is a sign of illiberality. Yes – there are not many who wear a burqa in Germany – but so what? And yes – it bothers many people, but not all that bothers many people must be banned. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière was right about that.

Yet a burqa ban makes sense – and is also politically beneficial.

Why the burqa ban is wrong

Germany does not need to ban the Islamic facial veil. That’s because it is only a symptom of the real issue of self-determination

Summer 2016: Aleppo reveals itself to be hell on earth, refugees are still drowning in the Mediterranean, the policies behind low interest rates are emptying out Germans’ retirement savings. And what is Germany discussing? A piece of cloth!

This country does not need a burqa ban.