A tale of two Louisiana disasters and media bias

If ever there was a contrast to make around “then-and-now” media coverage of a Republican and Democratic president put in similar situations and their respective reactions to it, this one definitely makes the Top 5.

  • Sharkibark

    Well…. there is some contrast between 1800+ dead and 13, though I understand that every death is a tragedy to friends and family. I am no fan of Obama and think that Bush – though far from perfect has been demonified unjustly! But this comp doesn’t make the mark for me.

    • Mayor Nagin sat on his behind and did not evacuate residents. Gas was apparently stolen from the buses that would soon be under water.

    • kkruger71

      Though the two disasters are not comparable, it is fair to say that Bush would have been attacked for golfing if an incident this size had happened during his presidency.

  • simus1

    marxists push whatever party line gets them closer to their totalitarian nirvana. If 1800+ had died this time and 13 had succumbed on Bush’s watch, the coverage would have been exactly the same as before and now.
    Because Bush didn’t kill those people, an extremely corrupt DemocRat city administration did along with miscalculations by the Corps of Engineers.

  • One is an insufferable butthole.

    The other is George Bush.

  • V10_Rob

    Democrats already have black votes on lock regardless, so why should they bother maintaining the facade that they care?