U.S. Embassy, U.N. Forces Abandon Americans Targeted in Sudan Rape Rampage

In 1983, Marxist unrest in the tiny Caribbean Island of Grenada threatened the safety of roughly 1,000 Americans residing there. Many of them were medical students at the island’s medical school. President Ronald Reagan did not hesitate. He dispatched 6,000 U.S. troops to evacuate the Americans and secure the island. Within a week, U.S. objectives were met. The Americans were safe, the Cuban mercenaries were expelled and rule of law was reestablished.

There was a time when being a U.S citizen held significance and carried weight, when two-bit dictators and petty thugs would think twice before harming Americans. In the age of Obama, that time remains but a distant, faded memory.

  • tom_billesley

    Britain once went to war with Spain over an insult to a British ship’s captain – a Spanish officer accused him of smuggling and cut off his ear.
    1739 to 1748, the War of Jenkins’ Ear.

    • UCSPanther

      I read of the 1984 murder of Yvonne Fletcher. During an anti-Gaddafi protest outside the embassy, some dim-witted Gaddafi Youth guard probably thought he was back in Libya and decided that it would be a great idea to open up on the anti-Gaddafi protestors with a Sterling SMG.

      Several people were hit, including Fletcher. The British responded by expelling the embassy staff and terminating diplomatic relations with Gaddafi regime.

  • Because their leaders are showmen and in the pockets of people like Soros. Concern does not enter into it.

  • Kell

    Operation: Urgent Fury…I was there, they pulled a bunch of us (Rangers) off the drug interdiction shit we were into not from there and deployed us to “deal” with it…OOOAAAH! 900ft combat parachute jump still holds the record for lowest jump into enemy fire!
    Reagan was by far the BEST American President in my 55 years! obaama’s a pussy and always has been, little commie dick sucker!

    • Wasn’t there but was nearby — fighting commies from the propaganda angle.

      The Grenada operation was simply awesomely successful. I saw plenty of US military throughout the region in that era, and nothing disturbed me more to see these boys repairing bridges or building schools (nice gesture but it shouldn’t be the focus). You boys are always better at doing what you’re trained to do — fight the enemy!

      Thank you for your service (from a Canuck).

    • Blacksmith

      I had your back there, was on a ship recovering the seals teams there and stockpiling the Cubans in the brig for a few days, nice little stop over on teh way to Beirut. Congrats on the the jump. Amen on uncle Ronnie!