Trump Delivers Once In A GENERATION Speech On Race!

Donald Trump’s speech in Wisconsin on Tuesday night “felt like a speech that I could have written, that I would have given, that I’ve given so many times, in front of so many audiences.”

Who said that? Newt Gingrich or some other familiar Republican face? Not even close.

Instead, those are the words of a young African-American woman who says she’s gratified and relieved to hear a politician finally addressing the real concerns of her community

  • ntt1

    if the donald can continue to entice the black vote away from the democrat plantation, the race is his

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Finally he will welcome the Mexican judge who is charge of his university fraud.

  • Chatillon

    “(The inner city crime rate is) so bad, they don’t even want to report on it” — link to Trump’s speech @ 3:46

    Actually, according to Colin Flaherty, local governments have been encouraged by the federal government to reduce reportage of violent crime. Similarly the FCC has been enforcing limitations on reportage of black crime. If a station’s reportage of crime isn’t “even-handed,” their license can be pulled. This begs the question of what if the actual crime rate isn’t similarly evenly distributed.