Progressives Offended by College Girls Who Don’t Want to Live in Festering Piles of Trash and Slime

Apparently, the fact that some college students don’t want to live among piles of discarded ramen-soup containers and other types of “festering slime,” offends progressives.

The latest progressive outrage came after photos went viral of some University of Mississippi students who like to decorate their dorm rooms beautifully. The ABC local affiliate reported on two particular college roommates who turned their dingy dorm room into a mini-haven

  • Justin St.Denis

    After we graduated about 40 years ago, my roommate became my wife. Our apartment – her ideas and designs, my labour – was actually extraordinarily lovely. We were paying $90/month rent on the place, but sublet it furnished to friends for $250/month. This gave my wife the idea for her first business – renting cheap lodgings in safe areas and reinventing them, then subletting them. Needless to say, a real estate licence was in her future. 😉

    • BillyHW

      Is it even legal now to sublet higher than your rent?

      • Justin St.Denis

        I have no idea. I cannot see why it would be illegal. It wasn’t at the time and where we were living. She made LOTS of money doing this while I served in the military. By the time I came home to stay, she was a licenced real-estate agent selling mega-properties in the state where we lived.

  • Clinton

    But wait! I thought ‘progressives’ were all about how no one could
    judge what others did in their bedrooms!

    It appears that only applies if the young ladies were promiscuous
    slatterns. Working hard to make the room a better place is a bridge
    too far…

  • simus1

    In marxist utopias such elegant surroundings are restricted to the thieving families of those at or close to the top of the food chain. It goes without saying that costly foreign talent would be employed and secrecy would be paramount.
    This is a serious case of “flouting solidarity” and making pig pen inhabitants feel inferior and poor.

  • John

    Looks like they’re ready for a co-ed slumber party.