Mother Loses Her Mind When a ‘Racist’ White Teacher Touches Her Daughter’s Hair

That's racistToday’s depressing addition to what’s wrong with America is an article written by a black mother who sent her daughter to school in a headband without tying her hair up because she ran out of time. (Story of my life, lady. I get it. It happens.) What is shocking and sad about her diatribe is what happened when her little girl asked her white teacher to put her hair up for her because she was hot…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Generally, you should always be suspicious of black women who talk tales about white women wanting to touch their hair.
    It’s a recurring made up black fantasy that whites always want to touch their hair.
    We do not.
    The truth is that we don’t want to touch it (and we want nowhere’s near it) because black hair is usually gross because they rarely wash it.
    I want to touch you hair as about as much as I want to run my fingers through a stranger’s pubic hair.

    • I agree. It’s completely weird. I mean, I don’t find black people’s hair repellent or anything, any more than anyone else’s. But I don’t generally want to touch random people’s hair. Who does?

      I can’t find it (I looked, it was somewhere in my twitter timeline), but I remember some young black woman, who’d been adopted and raised in a majority-white place in the States by a white couple, going on about how she couldn’t get through the day – she literally said “almost every day” – without some whitey asking to touch her hair, or just coming up and pawing at her hair.

      No. This may have happened to her once or twice in her life. I mean, seriously, maybe in kindergaren, if she was the only black kid or something. I don’t like calling people liars, but this woman is a liar. (I mean, this is a grown woman with a kid we’re talking about here. I wish I could find the link.)

      Black women are obsessed with black women’s hair. Nobody else is.

      I picture her fantasy vision of her life, which she apparently mistakes for reality, like this: she’s Robert Stack protecting his hair, and everyone else in the scene is honky.

      Chris Rock made a whole documentary about this. Look, be obsessed with your hair if you want to. But don’t lie about it. And accuse people. Of caring about your hair. When nobody else even realizes you’re obsessed with. Jeeze.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I think we are thinking of the very same article where some black lady wrote some “Django’s Hair Unchained” story where she was going off on all the white womyn wanting or asking to touch her awesome hair.

        • ntt1

          Thing is it probably isn’t her hair, it was grown for profit by a nice dot indian and packaged for resale as hair weave.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            I’m told that most black women that have “good hair” are usually bald by the time they hit 40, due to all the goofy stuff that they have done to it.

          • ntt1

            I get a kick out of traversing world star hip hop videos (Wud stah) on display are a variety of hair weaves and their undoing during discussions and the occasional rebel who has crafted a coif from yellow surveyors tape or binder twine.

        • I tracked it down. Margaret E. Jacobsen.
          ‘I Recorded the Racist Things People Did to Me For 2 Weeks – And Here’s the Result’

          Bear in mind that according to her own account this headcase is raising – “co-parenting” – two kids. Those poor kids. Anyway, I didn’t realize this was a thing until I started talking to someone on Twitter about it.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Ding, ding, ding!
            Yep, that’s the crazy b*tch!
            Yeah, and the comments section is full of (okay, at least one – then I stopped counting) tales of white women feeling up the scalps of proud black women, because that’s how whitey rolls.
            Being a black crazy woman has got to suck.
            It just has to!

          • I just thought of this. I used to spend time with an after school program. Very racially mixed. (I think Nova Scotia has an unusually high black population by Canadian standards, but they make these things really hard to look up and I can’t be bothered to hunt down the numbers.) My hair isn’t terribly long so I didn’t get a lot of this, but the little black girls used to love sitting the white female volunteers with lots of hair down and treating them like Barbie Dolls. Braiding, combing… I mean, they’d have gone on for hours if they could have. I don’t remember any of the white or Asian etc. kids doing that.

            These were really sweet kids, by the way. I don’t really know what to make of it. Black females are evidently just nuts about hair. Go figure.

    • El Martyachi

      I want to touch you hair as about as much as I want to run my fingers through a stranger’s pubic hair.

      Phrasing people.. phrasing…

        • Drunk_by_Noon


          • You’re being too deep, man. “Phrasing”. (No,you get a life! Ha!)

          • By the way, Archer is completely correct about crocodiles. They are basically dinosaurs from hell. If God really loved us those things would be extinct. How can they live in 1) Florida and Central and South America [it’s because the f***ers can swim! From Africa!] 2) Australia and 3) Africa – i.e. the famous Nile Crocodile.

            When I was in Australia I spent a couple of weeks in the Northern Territory. Do you have any idea how these monsters behave? There are two seasons up there: Wet and Dry. Wet: basically a flood, so anything can wind up anywhere. Dry? Who knows what landed in which billabong (that’s a real thing) during Wet? So, basically, any body of water, (which, naturally, you will want to be near, because obviously it’s a freaking desert up there), may or may not contain a man-eating crocodile.

            Pitch your tent well away from the water? Okay. Those things can walk at least a mile over dry ground. If they smell something they like.

            Here’s what they do. They chase you up a damn tree. Or a rock. (Bear in mind that this is Oz, and for all Australia’s frontier vibe it has brutal gun control laws. Worse than Canada.) Then they sit there and wait for you to get so hungry you come down. Then they bite you, roll you*, and drag you off to the swamp. Where they store your corpse somewhere, and wait for it to rot, because they’re not good at chewing up stuff until it’s soft.

            They can wait.

            Oh, and they can swim in both the ocean and salt-free water. They are versatile.

            Archer has a point is my point.

            I don’t feel particularly strongly about alligators. I don’t really know anything about them. But I hate me some crocodiles.

            (I’m sorry this is a dead thread. I’d like to do a post on this, but I can’t find an excuse. I mean, dude, I really hate crocodiles. And I bet other people hate crocodiles too.)


          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Crocs suck mightily, but ‘gators don’t really bother me as much as maybe they should.
            Where I was born in FL, my parents would tell me stories of the gators coming out on trash night and tipping the cans over.
            When I was very young WE WERE TOLD (I used to have a children’s book that said this) that is was SAFE to swim in the close proximity to alligators.
            I think that belief has changed over the last several decades.
            ‘Gators also taste good!

          • I ate crocodile once. (Given a chance it would certainly have eaten me. It’s good to establish dominance. Position on the food chain and all that.)

            Tasted like chicken.

          • El Martyachi
          • Heh.

          • El Martyachi

            I can truthfully state, from the bottom of my frosty hardened heart, that I wish I didn’t know that particular piece of trivia.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            I had gator once or twice and I suspected that it would taste just like croc, and yes, the gator tasted just like chicken too.
            ‘gator tail skewers rule!

          • I just think of alligators as small crocodiles. The way mice are small rats. One needs to conserve one’s venom.

          • El Martyachi

            AFAICT Archer, who I found out about here (think it was a clip Smashi posted), is right about pretty much everything pretty much all the time.

  • tom_billesley

    Doesn’t understand “in loco parentis” common law doctrine.

  • Spatchcocked

    I always wanted to touch Angela Davis’ hair…..then tear it out by the roots.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Weird! Also, if you get a chance, watch GOOD HAIR, a documentary about black women and their hair. Fantastic film. I believe Chris Rock had a huge hand in the making of this film.

    BTW, black women get very upset when black men try to touch their hair, even in the throes of passion. This is a sore point between the sexes in the black community itself. I wonder why……….

    • ntt1

      weaves are very susceptible to coming detacted, check out any tussle between ghetto rat behemoths and the fur flies literally. the weave is the first casualty.

  • Editor

    That mother’s insane rant is some of the most delusional, racist filth I have heard in a long time and I saw the BLM riot where everybody was chanting “What do we want? Dead Cops!”. I assume, for some if not most in that crowd, that it was hyperbole. 99.9% of them probably didn’t go on to kill Cops that night. I know for a fact though that this mother is absolutely poisoned, damaged beyond repair. The true definition of a sociopath.

  • Okay – I might get that it’s slightly inappropriate to do one’s kid’s hair but holy crap! Get a hold of yourself, lady!

    Screaming “racism!” is like a movie deal for these stiffs.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I noticed that DRUDGE features the world “penis size map” today. Canada is not listed AT ALL (Greenland isn’t, either). Now, I admit that I have not seen a naked Canadian male since I was in high school, but I am certain they had penises. WTF happened?

      • ntt1


      • Drunk_by_Noon

        So Koreans and Indians have the shortest penises?

      • John

        That’s because our size is right off the map.

      • I shall this: the map probably has Trudeau in mind. The cartographers thought: “What a girl’s-blouse he is!” and dispensed with us.

        If the Japanese pole vaulter is any indication, however….

        You know what? Never mind.

    • Alain

      Had the teacher declined, she would also have been accused of being racist.

      • Blacksmith

        Yup she was in a lose, lose situation. I know! Lets start a govt program where all the black kids can get their hair done for free at school, whitey can pay for it……

        • Editor

          You figure before or after the free school breakfast whitey is paying for?

          • Blacksmith

            Whenever they damned well please you racist cracker!

          • Editor

            Yeah, that was probably “rayyyycissss”. I’ll go to the corner and check my privilege.

      • There is no winning unless one is a shrill welfare junkie.

  • John

    Things are coming full circle. In a few more years segregation will be back big time because Blacks will demand it. That’s already the case in South Africa barely 20 years after apartheid.

    Most Blacks can’t live with Whites because they can’t keep up with our pace. They become flustered, irascible and frustrated by their inability to do so, and then invent *magic* concepts like _White Privilege_to explain away their failures.

    School integration, for example, only served to highlight the intellectual gap between Blacks and Whites; it brought racial differences into even starker contrast, intensifying racial resentment

    Many Blacks deserve their own space, one in which they can work and progress at their own speed, their own rhythm.

    • FactsWillOut

      Yes. That space is called “Africa.”