Isis claims responsibility for first terror attack in Russia

Isis has claimed its first terror attack on Russian soil after two supporters attempted to murder police officers near Moscow.

Both of the men were killed during the assault at a traffic post on a motorway in Balashika on Wednesday, when they were armed with a gun and two axes.

Russia’s Investigative Committee said one of the men was shot dead while attacking the post and the other was killed when he put up “armed resistance”.

  • huron

    the bear opens an eye raises eyebrow

  • Mark Matis

    I wonder if the second terrorist “accidentally” swallowed a pound of bacon just before he died?

    From either end, of course…

  • Alain

    Hey, Mohammed, I don’t think we are in Canada.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Vlad takes a dim view of this kinda shit. Muslims gonna pay – big time – for this. Grab the popcorn. Donald is not the only real, genuine leader worth watching…..

    • Mark Matis

      Which is why, should Mr. Trump win the election, a new realignment might occur. Mr. Trump believes in the United States as an independent sovereign nation-state. Mr. Putin believes in Russia as an independent sovereign nation-state. Do you remember Ms. Rodham-Clinton with her “Reset” button? And Mr. Obama with his “I’ll have more flexibility after the election”? Do you wonder why they were that way then, and this way now? At the time, they both still thought that Mr. Putin was a Communist, and therefor a globalist who would gladly go along with their One World Government utopia. Because, after all, the Western leaders don’t care what the “politics” are of the New World Order, as long as they don’t have to deal with the hoi-polloi. Rodham-Clinton and Obama now understand that Mr. Putin has rooted Communists out of his government as well as practical, and has also uprooted many of the oligarchs who intended to take over the country after the breakup. They now are doing their best to destroy Russia through their NGOs funded through the CIA as well as the violent “revolution” which overthrew the elected government in the Ukraine and forced its leaders out of the country. Those terrorists then declared new “elections”, and proceeded to shell those areas of the country which might vote for a return of the real elected government. With help and funds from the CIA and the EU. Crimea saw what was happening and voted to ask Russia to protect them, which Mr. Putin did. And the standoff in Eastern Ukraine is those citizens who support the original elected government daring to stand against the US backed terrorists.

      Interesting times in which we live. The WORST part is that no Media will bother to report the truth, because EVERY ONE OF THEM is run by a globalist.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Excellent summary of the last decade of US/Russia relations.

  • huron