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no man's landPrinceton HR department: Don’t use word ‘man’

The relatively new policy in effect at the Ivy League institution spells out the directive in a four-page memo that aims to make the department more gender inclusive.

Instead of using “man,” employees are told to use words such as human beings, individuals or people.

obama-lyingObama lied, it was a ransom payment: US held cash until Iran freed prisoners

And now “lawmakers are concerned the IRGC may have gained control of the cash once in Tehran.” If the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has the money, it will be going to fund jihad terrorism and other actions against the United States.

sweden refugeesSweden: Marriage of 132 child refugees given approval

One hundred and thirty-two refugees in child marriages who came to Sweden in 2015 got the seal of approval from the national tax office, in violation of the law setting the minimum marriageable age at 18, according to a local auditor responsible for children’s rights.

Four-Islamic-Arabic-Words-Every-Infidel-Must-Know-and-UnderstandFour Islamic-Arabic Words Every Infidel Must Know and Understand

There are four Arabic words, which could lead to submission of the entire world to Islam, if non-Muslims do not fully understand their meaning and implications.

Those words are taqiyya, tawriya, kitman and muruna. Each of these words describes a different style of deception used by Muslims when discussing Islam or their activities as Muslims.

finger pointing white peoplePublic university to host whites-only student retreat on ‘white privilege’

The University of Vermont is slated to host a whites-only student retreat this November focused on teaching participants about their white privilege and how to they can help reverse the negative effect their white privilege has on their campus and the nation.

i want to stab a jewPalestinian Authority to kids: Don’t be afraid to die martyr’s death

A seemingly innocent report on high school matriculation by the official news agency of the Palestinian Authority managed to embed within it glorification of martyrdom, otherwise known as death by trying to murder Israelis.

The article stated that though graduating high school is important, shahada [death by martyrdom] is even greater, and is actually greater than life itself. So reports Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which monitors incitement in the PA press and government organs.

Al_Gore_at_Power_ShiftSoros Paid Al Gore Millions to Push Global Warming Policies

Liberal billionaire George Soros gave former Vice President Al Gore’s environmental group millions of dollars over three years to create a “political space for aggressive U.S. action” on global warming, according to leaked documents.

A document published by DC Leaks shows Soros, a Hungarian-born liberal financier, wanted his nonprofit Open Society Institute (OSI) to do more to support global warming policies in the U.S. That included budgeting $10 million in annual support to Gore’s climate group over three years.

trump-clintonLA Times Tracking Poll: Clinton 44 Percent, Trump 43.4 Percent

The LA Times daily tracking poll shows the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump too close to call.

Clinton is at 44 percent while Trump is at 43.4 percent as of Aug. 18. The results are based on 2,500 respondents.

Putin-wink-Hillary-shock-768x347Democrats: Don’t Believe Leaked Emails Because Russians Lie

Politico reports that nervous Democrats are warning the next batch of leaked documents could contain information planted by Russia.

This story is entirely self-serving for Democrats. It lays the groundwork for them to suggest anything embarrassing that turns up in the next batch of emails could be a forgery planted by a foreign government. It’s also a way to once again move the discussion from the leaks themselves to the meta-story about the origin of the leaks.

_90820718_niceattackIslamophobic tweets ‘peaked in July’

Almost 7,000 “Islamophobic” tweets were sent, in English, every day in July worldwide, data seen by the BBC suggests.

Twitter said it was “continuing to invest heavily” in preventing abuse.


  • mauser 98

    re Trump
    ABC/News poll
    Trump 71%
    Hillary 9%

    • Better screencap that poll before it’s disappeared.

  • mauser 98
    • At least Bush flew over and looked. Obama went golfing.

      • mauser 98

        Barry golfing with the richest whitest people on Earth

  • mauser 98

    Hillary’s health
    “Pretty sure she suffers from “petite mal seizures,” aggravated by camera flashes.”

    • John

      Hillary may also suffer from congestive heart failure. Her difficulty climbing stairs, her raspy voice and her coughing fits all point to that. The fact she now wears only pantsuits may be due to the fact her lower legs and ankles are prone to swelling…another classic symptom of congestive heart failure…hence the need to hide them.

      • Side effects of harboring a demon inside a human body.

  • Ron MacDonald

    I doubt the Russians were the hackers, more likely it was the NSA exposing Hillary as a serious security risk.

    • tom_billesley

      Russia is the fall guy. Incriminating documents can be dismissed as plants.

  • tom_billesley

    The “gendered” establishments Wilson College, Whitman College and Richardson Auditorium in Princeton will have to be renamed, but will Starbuck’s have to become Stardoe’s?

    • Justin St.Denis

      Or Starholes?

      • simus1

        (Serving Customers With More Money Than Brains Enterprises)
        would be good name for the overall holding company.
        Looking into the entrepreneurial future, one could easily conceptionalize some sort of robotic nonjudgemental organic Pot Bar/ robot inmates Brothel chain franchise that governments would swoon over when it comes to tax revenues. Not to mention the rent seeking possibilties. Much bigger potential than the stale Globull Warming scam.

  • Justin St.Denis

    If ever we needed PROOF that “global warming” was a big huge bucket of steaming bullshit, here it is. George Soros giving Al Gore $10 million to promote global warming action by the US government over three years is the PROOF.

    GEORGE SOROS IS INCAPABLE OF ALTRUISM, or any act of “selflessness”. As the embodiment of all things evil and anti-democratic, Soros is only capable of serving himself. This is not rocket science. George Soros needs to be stopped and his ill-gotten wealth seized. Whatever it takes to accomplish this should be on the table. George Soros and his evil intentions need to be shitcanned FOREVER, and that must include addressing the issues posed by the very existence of his sons. Perhaps a Global Soros Family Cull (GSFC) needs to be undertaken.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      His sons may follow in his political footsteps, But their money-making acumen is unknown. In other words, Soros’s financial skills may be a one-off like Joe Kennedy, whose grandchildren are no longer super-rich.

  • Maggat

    “Democrats: Don’t Believe Leaked Emails Because Russians Lie”
    That would be Hillary’s pot calling Hillary’s kettle black.