Who should rule Syria? Nobody

The long civil war in Syria is still far from conclusion. Any real possibility of rebel victory ended with the entry of Russian forces last autumn — but while the initiative is now with the Assad regime, the government’s forces are also far from a decisive breakthrough. So who, if anyone, should the UK be backing in the Syrian slaughterhouse, and what might constitute progress in this broken and burning land?

It ought to be fairly obvious why a victory for the Assad regime would be a disaster for the West.

  • Dana Garcia

    How about a few dozen enforcement droids with itchy trigger digits?


    • I want one.

      • Dana Garcia

        Mean machines have their uses, and Syria comes immediately to mind.

  • BillyHW

    No one should be allowed to live in Syria. The entire human population should be wiped out and the land turned into a nature preserve.

  • Exile1981

    Well after its turned into a nuclear waste land anyone who wants to is free to live there.