The Will of Allah

As Judeo-Christian belief fades in the West, the ability to appreciate that adherents of another creed still recognise their holy book as the perfect, immutable guide to all of life fades with it. Islam is not Christianity with a beard. Our political leaders need to acknowledge that simple fact.

In a thoughtful article (‘A deal beyond belief’) in The Weekend Australian on July 18, the commentator Greg Sheridan observed, “No one in the West takes the idea of God seriously any more and cannot conceive of a government whose actual real behaviour is determined by theological goals.”

The government Sheridan wrote of is Iran and the god is the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible. Sheridan’s article was commenting on the value of the US-Iran accord on sanctions and nuclear weapons. Almost as an aside, his insightful comment identifies the reason behind the difficulty Western leaders have in coming to grips with the Islamic imbroglio.