‘The police put my life in jeopardy’: Cabbie talks about being caught in Aaron Driver standoff

STRATHROY, Ont. – The whole drive down Park Street, cab driver Terry Duffield says, he saw no police officers.

No officer tried to stop him heading to the home of suspected terrorist Aaron Driver, seen on a video threatening to kill Canadians that very day, Duffield said.

For the five minutes he sat in the driveway waiting for Driver, no officer stepped out to signal him or warn him.

  • moraywatson

    Why did the RCMP/police not warn Terry Duffield or the cab companies in Strathroy of a terror threat? Because the RCMP objective was to kill Harun Abdurahman, and whoever happened to be his cab driver was considered expendable as collateral damage.

    That’s not right. The answer? No more muslim totalitarian supremacists in our country. No mosques. No prayer rooms. No “interfaith dialogue”. No “deradicalization” programs. JUST SAY NO TO TOTALITARIAN ISLAM.

  • Waffle

    Irony abounds — Duffield bent down to grab a pack of cigarettes that had fallen.

    Reality check: Driver’s detonated “bomb” left a bit of a mess, but the cab’s upholstery remained intact. And Driver was killed by a bullet, not flying shrapnel.

    • moraywatson

      Smoking Prevents the Spread of Islamic Cancer !
      Once this gets out, there will an upsurge in pack-a-day habits all over the world.

      • He was smoked out;)

        • moraywatson

          Don’t call the anti-terror unit. Have a pig roast.

  • One would think that a SWAT team member might usher him out of the vehicle.

  • Spatchcocked

    He’s still twitching …….give ‘im a few more…….it’ll save us a mort of paperwork.

    Now he is I presume fornicating with 72 virgins …..drinking wine and gobbling down ice cold sherbet and halvah cakes.

    I don’t perceive any punishment for the deranged turd.

  • K1

    The CDN public have a choice…

    either you…
    accept VICTIMS of terrorism/war

    you section off the groups most likely to create terrorism/war to cut down on fatalities

    in other words…

    after the Pearl Harbor terrorist/war action by the Japanese during WWII happened
    Was it right … to intern the Japanese Cdns… or not…?