The Obama-Clinton Immigration Agenda Will Mean the Balkanization of America

The Democrats have rejected patriotic assimilation in favor of aggressive multi-culturalism masquerading as ‘integration.’

multiculturalismHillary Clinton has made it clear that she supports and will expand President Obama’s immigration policies. These policies are by now well known: executive amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants (and eventual citizenship); the end (for practical purposes) of border-visa enforcement; large increases in low-skilled immigration (through “comprehensive immigration reform”); and increased numbers of un-vetted Syrian refugees and young Central American immigrants. Much less known is the Democratic strategy for integrating immigrants and refugees into American society. Yet, the Obama administration has developed a very coherent “integration” agenda.

I have said it many times, Multiculturalism is a lie, it is a divide and conquer strategy designed to weaken the “governed”.

Anyone promoting this disastrous policy should be treated with the same disdain we reserve for Nazis & Communists.