Slate melts down on news of “death” of democracy

From Yascha Mounk, Harvard “lecturer on goverment” at Slate:

The Week Democracy Died

At first glance, a political crisis in London; a terrorist attack in Nice, France; a failed putsch in Ankara, Turkey; and a bloviating orator on his way to becoming the Republican nominee for the presidency of the United States look like the dramatic apex of very different, barely connected screenplays. To my eye, they are garish panes of glass that add up to one unified, striking mosaic. Looked at from the right distance, they tell the story of a political system, liberal democracy, that has long dominated the world—and is now in the midst of an epic struggle for its own survival.More.

Reality check: The “political crisis” Mounk bewails as part of “how democracy died” is, of course, Brexit—a classic example of democracy, as is the Trump nomination. These events were in fact the choices of people who have a right to make them, for good or ill.

Adults can elect the right or wrong politician or buy the right or wrong used car, and we are responsible for our choices.

Mounk is clearly a progressive – someone who does not even understand what democracy is.
Expect a vast increase in simple oppression for “our own good” with the spread of progressive government – deliberately twisting the very idea of what “democracy” means.

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