CBC Puffs Up 9/11 Troofers As Activist Supporters Of Teacher Who Praised Murderers Of Jews As Martyrs

This is what a Billion dollars a year buys you nowadays.

Nadia Shoufani CBC Whitewash

Nadia Shoufani is a teacher with the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board currently suspended with pay for having, as the CBC describes it, given a “pro-Palestinian speech”.

Sounds pretty tame, except Shoufani didn’t vault into public scrutiny for giving a mere speech while attending the Al-Quds day hate fest.

She earned public censure for describing the terrorist murderer of a 13 year old girl as having been “executed” as if on a whim by those nasty Israelis, carefully omitting that messy child killing part. Shoufani described such terrorist murderers as martyrs, and called for the destruction of Israel by any means possible.

For some reason the CBC article detailing the plight of poor Ms. Shoufani,  Mississauga teacher suspended after pro-Palestinian speech wins support of activists, doesn’t mention any of those nasty details.

The CBC then lends weight to poor Ms. Shoufani’s defense by quoting not 1 but 2 retired university professors, Michael Keefer, a “retired University of Guelph professor”, and Graeme MacQueen, “a retired McMaster University religious studies professor” no less.

Well with the support of such worthy scholars Ms. Shoufani must certainly be guiltless! In fact a victim of Zog!

Except both MacQueen and Keefer are fringe nutters, 9/11 Troofers in fact. Read about Keefer, here, and about both MacQueen and Keefer in this article, Academics examine the events of 9/11, carried in our nation’s leading magazine devoted to the batshit crazy, The Canadian Charger.

Now why would the CBC not inform it’s readers of the details of Shoufani’s speech?

Why would they present her defenders as upright scholars and men of good faith when in fact they are anti-Israel conspiracy nutz?

In the case of MacQueen and Keefer it’s possible they are simply ignorant, but that would imply that CBC staff are incapable of conducting a simple Google search.

As for glossing over the details of Shoufani’s speech something more insidious is at work; Islamophobia.

The CBC are afraid to admit that Shoufani’s views are not “fringe beliefs” within the anti-Israel crowd and are in fact common as dirt among Canada’s Muslim community.