3 of 5 Trump supporters in Texas would secede if Clinton elected?

Texas, like Quebec, often threatens to secede, but there may be a difference. From Justin Holcomb at Townhall

According to recent poll numbers from Public Policy Polling, three out of five Texans who support Trump said they would rather secede from the United States than stand behind a hypothetical President Hillary Clinton.

Texans, along with many southerners, support seceding from America generally. But when Clinton is added to the mix, the majority of Texans say they’d rather leave. More.

Reality check: Quebec holds Canada to ransom because the country would fall apart if Quebec seceded. Check a map. Quebec can be a have-not province for centuries and force the majority of other provinces to support it.

Texas, by contrast, is booming. As jobs dribble to China, it could be stuck supporting permanent have-not states where hillbilly heroin and “helping professionals” are much more plentiful than jobs. And Texans may have had no hand in creating the policies that brought about such a state of affairs.

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